How to Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back: Some Awesome Ways to Get Your Ex Back

Like the song says, breaking up is definitely hard to do. And it always seems like the same movie or play each time you break up: you meet somewhere and decide together that it’s time to call it quits, you both cry in each other’s arms, have sex one last time and then spend the next three months crying every time you hear a song on the radio or smell your boyfriend’s cologne on a some sweater or t-shirt he left behind. But what can be harder is when he breaks up with you and you weren’t expecting it at all.

Can you get your ex back? Here is how to get your ex boyfriend back in ten steps.

1. Have incredible break-up sex. If you want to get your ex back, you want to leave him with something to remember. This is why having incredible break up sex is so important. You want to blow his mind in bed one last time. Try taking it slow at first and then build up – grind on him until he regrets ever breaking it off.

2. Don’t call him – wait for him to call you. Your first instinct when you are trying to get your ex boyfriend back will be to call him. In fact, you may not even be able to control it. However, you want to hold yourself back as much as possible – you don’t want that impulse to get a hold of you. Ideally, you want to erase his number. This may be difficult at first, but when he calls you in panicked desperation wondering why you haven’t called him, you will realize that your plan is working.

3. Be sure not to remind him of why he broke up with you. There is a good chance that if he broke up with you, there was something that he wasn’t happy with in the relationship. It could be a million different things. However, the last thing you want when you are trying to get your ex back is to remind him exactly why he broke up with you in the first place. This is incredibly important, because you may never get him back if you don’t change your ways.

4. Listen to him – seriously listen. One of the reasons why he may have broken up with you is because you have trouble listening. If this is the case, you want to listen and you want to listen good. Even if he didn’t break up with you for this purpose, you want to listen to everything he is saying, because it will help you understand where he is coming from. If you can meet somewhere in the middle, you have a much better chance of getting him back.

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5. Assess whether or not he actually wants you back. This may be the sneakiest part of learning how to get your ex boyfriend back, but it will be an important step. This is where you want to start slyly asking around to make sure that he is thinking and talking about you. There is a good chance that you have friends in the same social circle. All you have to do is find a willing informant.

6. Ask him out somewhere – on his turf. Your next step is to ask him out. If you want to get your ex back, you need to have a face to face. However, you need to know that he is ready for the face to face and you need to know that you are ready too. You don’t want to go unprepared. Also, you don’t want to go somewhere that you want to go – you want to go somewhere he wants to go.

7. Let him know that he has been on your mind, but not in an obsessed stalker way. When you meet with your ex, you don’t want to act like a psycho. Ideally, you want to act sort of disinterested. The key is to make it seem like you don’t really miss him. This will make him start to miss you. Tricky, I know. When you break down the barrier, you can tell him that you have been thinking about him.

8. Dress sexy as hell. When you meet him, you want to dress in your sexiest outfit. You don’t necessarily want to dress like a total slut, but you do want to let the girls out. You want to give him a little taste of what he has been missing in bed. One of the best ways to get your ex boyfriend back is to turn him on. If you let your girls out and show off your legs, he’ll definitely want you – there is no question about that.

9. Do something insanely nice for him. It can be easy to say you should buy your ex boyfriend a present or take him out somewhere, but every girl knows that the best gift for your boyfriend is a blowjob. After you get him nice and turned on, you want to get him someplace private and you want to go down on him. This will definitely get it in his head that he should never have left you. If you have been lacking in the blowjob department, it may be time to practice and get really good at.

10. Put it in the bag. The last step to get your ex back is to put in the bag and close the deal. Once he has blown his load and is vulnerable in bed, you can ask him to come back. There is a good chance that he will say yes. There is a greater likelihood that he will come back if you have completed each and every step. In the end, it will take some time and patience, but it will definitely be worth it.

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