Why Sam Loves The Adam & Eve Magic Massager

Hi everyone! This is Sam.

I honestly hate it when my boyfriend is too busy studying for finals and he doesn’t have time for me. So, I decided to go to and bought a little something that I can use while he’s gone. I am very lucky as well that my roommate is always out going to parties and leaves me alone in my dorm room, that way my boyfriend can sneak out coz’ we really don’t see each other this time of year. However, it’s also good when he doesn’t come so I’ll have my alone time and I don’t have to worry having my roommate come around and seeing me pleasuring myself.

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So, I went to and learned about their discount code, and I get so excited coz’ I get to buy so much stuff. I would have spent so much money if I went to another store. Check out my video above to learn more!

I’ve always wanted one of this – Adam & Eve Magic Massager, it is so intense and I love it so much.

Adam & Eve Magic Massager

Basically, you just plug it in. It has two levels of vibrations, low and high. The low vibration itself is intense. I love playing with it with music so no one can hear me through the walls or through my door.Eventhough it’s really big, it’s easy to hide. You can just simply hide it in a box, under your bed or your drawers.

I can’t wait to get to my dorm everyday so I can play with my Adam & Eve Magic Massager.

My legs are going numb as it’s so amazing. I’m kind of excited to get my boyfriend and I to be a little more adventurous in bed. He could tease me with this awesome toy and we’ll surely have an amazing time together.

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