What to Include On Your College Dorm Room

Ever want to know what you absolutely need to bring to college to stock up your dorm room? Here is your ultimate college dorm room checklist. On your dorm room checklist, you will need everything from a bedside lamp to a cozy comforter. Also, you will need to find a little vibrator that you can use to keep yourself company at night. If you don’t put all these items on your dorm checklist, your college experience just won’t be as enjoyable. 

Usually, the first few years of college are spent in a dorm. In most cases, it will be a small square that will look not unlike a prison cell. Yes, it sounds bad and it sounds even worse when you mention that you will have to share your dorm with a total stranger. Chances are that you get put in the room with the girl that doesn’t bathe or groom herself. That being said, there are a number of things you can do to make your dorm room more comfortable and less like a prison cell. What you have to do first, though, is create a dorm checklist of all your necessities.

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Here is what to include on your dorm room college checklist…

  1. Wall coverings – you will want to cover those gross dorm room walls. One thing that you will definitely need on your college dorm room checklist is a wall covering. Most dorms have gross walls – usually brick or stone or some kind of material that reminds you of a prison. Not only will wall coverings make your walls look better – it will also make the dorm room much more comfortable.
  1. dorm room checklistA good bedside lamp – you don’t want to have to get up night after night to turn off the light. Of course, you will want to put a lamp on your dorm checklist, because the overhead lighting can be atrocious in dorms. Plus, it can be a serious hassle to have to get up and turn off the light. When you have a bedside lamp, you can simply flip it off. Plus, a bedside light will also make it easier to rifle through your naughty drawer for your vibrator or for condoms.
  1. Headphones – a good pair that has a lot of base and noise canceling technology. On your college dorm list, you cannot forget about adding headphones! Headphones are important for many different reasons. However, one of the biggest reasons is so that you can drown out the sound of your roommate. There is a good chance that your roommate is either a crier, a masturbator or a slut. If she is a slut, she will be having loud sex. If she is a masturbator, she will, well, be masturbating. And if your roommate is a crier, your headphones will drown the sobbing out.
  1. Extra towels – there is a good chance that you will let your towels get a little moldy, so having a few extras will help until laundry day. You have no idea how important extra towels will be until you get to college. If you forget this item on your dorm checklist, you will definitely be sorry. When you are in a dorm, the laundry machine is usually a million miles away, so you are going to have a few gross towels building up. The last thing you want is to get to that point where you don’t have any clean towels and you have to dry off in that moist, moldy one that you have at the bottom of your clothes hamper.
  1. A good vibrator – one that isn’t too loud, but that will rock your socks off. Of course, you will also need to put a vibrator on your dorm room checklist. A good vibrator will come in handy. For instance, a vibrator will be important for when you are feeling a little horny and need to get to sleep and want to have a little solo fun. If you have a boy over, having a vibrator will be an important tool for foreplay. When you are looking for vibrators, make sure that you look for ultra quiet and compact vibrators, because big vibrators can be difficult to hide and they can be loud.

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  1. Cleaning supplies – you will want to disinfect your dorm when it gets too messy and dirty. When it comes down to it, your dorm room is going to get messy. Plus, you don’t know how many people have been in that same room before you. This is why you want to stock up on cleaning supplies. It will be important to disinfect all surfaces on a regular basis. In such a cramped space, cleanliness will be incredibly vital.
  1. A good rug – it will make your dorm feel cozy and you won’t have to feel like you are stepping on ice every time you get up in the morning. Just like your dorm walls are cold and ugly, your floor will be too. You may even get a gross stone floor or a floor covered with a thin industrial carpet. Whatever the case is, it won’t scream girly, cute and fun. Plus, it won’t scream comfortable. This is why you want to invest in a good rug. The rug doesn’t need to be too big – it can cover only your half of the room. It will also be important to have something cozy to walk on when you wake up in the morning.
  1. A big cozy comforter – this will be your saving grace, especially if you go to school in an area where it snows. On top of everything, you will also need to invest in a big comfortable comforter. Your comforter will be your saving grace during those brutally cold winters. Plus, your comforter will make spending time in your dorm much more comfortable. More than anything, though, your comforter will provide an excellent hiding place for when you are getting it on with a hot guy. If there are no separating walls in your dorm, you will want to take drastic measures to not be seen or heard when you are having sex. In the end, your roommate may get the hint anyways, but at least it will feel private and that’s all that really matters, right?

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