How To Spot A Jerk Pretending To Be A Good Guy

Why do women date jerks? There is a pervading theory that women date jerks because they like it. Even some scientists say that women get turned on by men who are jerks because of a biological mechanism that goes back to the days of cave men and women – an age when men were much more dominant. Today, however, this is not cool. Women deserve respect and that whole macho thing is definitely not sexy. Okay, maybe a little bit of that bad boy thing is sexy, but not if you are going to be an asshole.

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Here is how to spot a jerk pretending to be a good guy.

  1. He is too nice. If you just start going out with a guy and he is ridiculously nice – maybe even too nice – you may be dating a jerk. Guys aren’t usually that nice, so it is alarming when you see someone that it is. Plus, guys are supposed to have a little edge to them. This is what makes them real and sexy.
  1. He doesn’t get along with his mom. If you want to learn how to stop a jerk from taking over your life, you want to look out for this very simple sign. If a guy doesn’t like his mom, there is something wrong with him. Jerky guys tend to have bad relationships with their families. This is why you want to ask questions on the first date. If the answers aren’t promising, you probably don’t want to go on a second date.
  1. He is pushy and moves fast. Another way to avoid dating a jerk is to stay away from guys that are too pushy or that move too fast. This is a sign that he doesn’t really care about your boundaries and feelings. Ideally, you want a guy that can sympathize with you – not rush into your pants. Also, a lot of women that are into dating jerks are actually into the punishment they get from dating them – it’s a mommy/daddy issue thing.

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  1. He is really competitive. If you meet a guy and he is overly competitive, there is a strong chance that he is a jerk. He doesn’t need to be a total jock, but you do want to listen to the way he speaks. Does he talk about people in a negative way? Does he say that he’s better than people? You’ll be able to tell if he is competitive just by the way he gets amped about things. Men who are jerks tend to be naturally competitive.
  1. He is not chivalrous. Okay, if you want to learn how to stop dating a jerk, you want to make sure to stay away from all guys that are not chivalrous. If a guy doesn’t open the door for you, hold an umbrella over your head or pull out your chair in a restaurant, he is a jerk. Just because it’s the twenty first century, it doesn’t mean that chivalry is dead.

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