Tips For College Success

What does success in college look like? Success in college could look like excellent grades, but it can also look like being social and popular. It can also mean giving back to the community and really using your place in college to make a difference – in your life and other people’s lives. Indeed, there are many ways to learn how to succeed in college, but it takes some work and commitment. You can’t go from a lonely girl from a small town to a sorority girl princess overnight.

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Here are some tips for success in college.

  1. Put yourself out there. One of the most important and smartest college success tips is to make a concerted effort to put yourself out there. This not only means meeting lots of people, but it also means being totally open and accepting. If you want to find success in college, you have to not close your mind off to new opportunities. College is for tasting all the exotic fruits that can come your way – even if a few of those fruits are actually fruits.
  1. Be nice. Out of all the tips for college success, being nice should be at the top of your list. That bitch face you have been walking around with since you first got to college – you need to wipe that look off your face, because it won’t get you anywhere. You need to smile and go out of your way to be nice. The last thing you want is to develop a reputation as the bitch. If you’ve seen the movies, you know that something bad always happens to the bitch in the end.
  1. Study hard and play hard. If you want to learn how to succeed in college, you need to practice balancing school and play. This means that you need to really chillax after a long study session and after midterms or finals are up, you want to head out and party. Keeping this balance will help you stay motivated. If you keep studying until you can’t study anymore, it will be hard to deal with life and you’ll curl up in a ball and start crying.

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  1. Don’t break too many hearts. In college, if you break one heart, you’ve broken a hundred hearts. Break two hearts and you’ve broken two hundred. Is this starting to make sense? Basically, college is a small place and word gets around. If you break up with a guy for some terrible reason, he is going to tell all his friends and all his friends are going to tell their girlfriends and it will all get back to you. So, try to keep the heart breaking to a minimum.
  1. Popularity is not everything. This is a simple one. One of the most of the most important factors when it comes to success in college is knowing that popularity isn’t the end all be all. In the end, being yourself is the end all be all, so try to be true and authentic and success will follow.

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