5 Worst First Date Ideas Ever

Have you ever been on a really bad date, like the worst date in the world? Generally, there are three things that can make a date go from bad to worse in no time at all. One of those things is the location. If the location is bad, the date will be bad – there are no ifs, and, or buts about it. Another thing that can make a date bad is having no chemistry with the guy. Last but not least – a date can be terrible if you just aren’t having fun.

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Here are five of the worst first date ideas.

1. Miniature golf, or any kind of golf for that matter. A lot of guys think of fun date ideas and they immediately think of miniature golf. Why is that? Is it because people go on miniature golfing dates in the movies? It has to stop right now – real girls don’t like miniature golfing. The place is always dirty and there are always snotty kids running around and the food is terrible. I immediately think: miniature golf, miniature penis.

2. Really fancy dinner. Another one of those silly date ideas that is perpetuated by movies is the fancy dinner. C’mon – its college, I know you don’t have the money to take me out to the nicest restaurant in town. Let’s be real here. If you are thinking of some creative romantic date ideas, take me out to cool little Mexican restaurant or someplace affordable, but cool. Fancy restaurants are stuffy, they make you act weird and proper and you just can’t have fun.

3. Movie watching at your dorm. Okay yuck – don’t take me back to your dirty dorm room for a first date. Things you’ll often see in a dorm room: dirty underwear, porn, socks, and empty gross food containers. Is that the first impression you want to give off? – Probably not. One of the worst first date ideas is taking a girl to your dorm. Not only is it gross, but also it’s kind of creepy. You need to go slowly if you want to get in our pants and your sticky porn mags aren’t really an aphrodisiac.

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4. Dinner and a movie. Okay, no. This is a date idea created by Hollywood to sell more movie tickets – duh! Are you clueless? For one thing, imagine being with someone you don’t really know for two hours in the dark. Why not spend that time actually getting to know someone instead of awkwardly shuffling in the seat next to them?

5. Sports game. Another one of the worst places for a first date is an arena – any arena. Sports games are loud, beer is flying all over the place and the seats are always dirty. Plus, you can’t really get to know someone when they are really into the game. A sports game is perfect for a 10th date – when you’ve sort of run out of things to talk about. In the end, save the sports for your buddies – this time you have a lady to impress.

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