Ed “The Talking Penis” Reviews the Best G-Spot Vibrators from Adam and Eve

When buying a G Spot Vibrator, some of us tend to read tons of g-spot vibrator reviews before purchasing one, but sometimes we do end up still analyzing and becoming paralyzed on what to decide. We tend to be stuck-up on the idea of what’s the best g spot vibrator to get for yourself which also suits your budget. So, that’s why Ed is here to the rescue! Yes! It’s Ed the talking penis! When it comes with g-spot stimulation, this talking penis knows it all more than you could ever imagine.

The G Spot is the most elusive of erogenous zones, however, not everyone’s g spot is at the same place and not everyone responds to the same type of g spot stimulator, so that’s why Adam and Eve specially designed various types of g-spot vibrators. There are so many g-spot vibrators to choose from on catalogue, which may vary to what’s particularly useful and best on reaching your g spot because not all g-spot are all the same.

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★ STAFF-PICK ★ Adam and Eve G-Gasm Delight G-Spot Vibrator

For instance, the G-Gasm Delight G Spot Vibe, it’s built to give a mind blowing orgasm with its giant vibrating head and unique shaft like design. No wonder why it’s one of the best selling products on Adam and Eve, because of its enormous bulbous head which targets the g spot without hesitations and its unique shaft like design which helps locate the g-spot. At first, you can easily tell that the designers of this vibrator really took their time to design this uniquely shaped, mind boggling, G-Gasm Delight. With its unique shape, it purely focuses on the g spot itself. It has this slick shaft aerodynamic-glide feel that pushes the bulbous head right where it’s supposed to be.

This G-Spot vibrator is a classic design and easy to use, with a vibrator measures 7 “long and 1.5” wide, enlarged tips for G-Spot stimulation. It’s made of durable plastic, with a twist base dial for multiple speeds. Plus, it’s waterproof vibrator, you can’t go wrong with it. But don’t forget it requires 2 AA batteries, sold separately.

This user-friendly vibrator has a slim, 7″ long shaft with a bulb-shaped 1 1/2″ wide head and is a must-have for anyone’s sex toy collection. The enlarged head contains a powerful egg vibrator for focused G-Spot, clit, or prostate stimulation.
The twist base dials up soft to intense vibrations to pleasure your clit and deliver toe-curling G-Spot orgasms when inserted! The A&E G-Gasm vibrator is also water resistant for shower time fun. And because it’s waterproof, clean up is super easy. Simply wash with a mild soap or sex toy cleaner and warm water. For an even easier clean up, you can use a condom.

★ BEST-SELLER ★ L’amour Desire Vibrator

If you desire a vibrator that feels like almost the real thing, while at the same time focuses on g spot stimulation, the L’amour Desire Vibrator will surely do the job for you. It’s a 6.5 inch of throttling g spot fun! This G Spot Stimulator will satisfy your desire with its intensely throbbing state of the art vibrator! The 6½” purple L’Amour Desire Vibrator packs enough power, size, function, and feels to make even the most savvy sex toy shopper do a double-take.

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This gorgeous toy is crafted from premium Pure Silicone for the highest quality performance and durability. Its softly flexible and smooth 1½” wide shaft are made for deep, satisfying penetration. And when you cycle through 7 different powerful vibration sensations, you’ll moan for more! (Did we mention it’s whisper-quiet?)

So, there you go! Ed’s Golden Review of the best G Spot Vibrators on the market nowadays. Finding the right g-spot for you won’t be a problem anymore, just subscribe to Ed the talking penis and get updated for more exciting products from Adam and Eve.

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