How To Properly Play Off A Red Handed Lie

Getting caught red handed in a lie is one of the worst things that can happen. It can ruin friendships and relationships. I am going to teach you how to play off a red handed like it never even happened – even if you are caught with your pants down.

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Here are some ways on how to play off a red handed lie… caught red handed, make up sex, getting caught red handed, how to play off

First – you need to deny, deny, deny – deny everything. When you get caught, pretend like it the accusation is completely ludicrous.

Second – have a working alibi way ahead of time. Creating an alibi is easy – just pick three people that can say they were with you when the alleged “misdeed” took place. Just make sure to get everyone’s story straight.

Third – choose the right information for the alibi – you don’t want to bury yourself even further in the lie. The more details you attach to the alibi, the easier it will be to mix things up when you tell the story again.

Fourth – if you smell like someone’s cologne – it was only a hug! Duh….

Fifth – Always make your accuser look like the bad guy. Make him feel like his accusations are the most hurtful thing in the world – that they are blasphemous and could never be true. When the deck is stacked against you, you have to get creative.

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In the end, no one wants to get caught in a red handed lie, but if you know how to get out of it – who knows what else you can get away with. Plus the make up sex after you fight it out and he actually believes your lies will be incredible.

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