Top 5 Things Guys Wish Girls Knew

The thing about guys and girls is that both have a hard time understanding each other. It’s like guys are a complete mystery to girls and girls are a complete mystery to guys. When it comes to girls understanding guys, however, there is a lot they don’t know. Most girls think that guys are all the same: they like having sex, drinking beer and going to sports games. However, guys are way deeper than that and they want girls to appreciate this little known fact. So, what do guys wish girls knew?

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Here are the top five things guys wish girls knew…

1. If you beg a guy to tell you what he is thinking about, he is going to tell and you aren’t going to like it. Guys think about sex – a lot. In fact, sex pretty much occupies most of their waking thoughts. So, if that guy happens to be your boyfriend, there is a good chance that he is thinking about sex, but it may not be sex with you. The key is to not get jealous or upset – they’re just thoughts after all.

2.  Don’t ask a guy whether he thinks you are fat. No matter what guys, haven’t mastered the art of telling a girl she isn’t fat. He may answer with a pause and then a few guttural sounds and then an answer. Undoubtedly, you are going to think he is lying. So, just don’t ask him this question anymore – guys hate being in this awkward situation.

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3. He hates when you get all weird when all he wants to do is watch the game. Yes, guys like to watch sports, but there is a deeper, unexplainable bond to sports that you don’t know about. So, on Sunday and Monday, don’t give those subtle huffs and puffs to let him know that you would prefer he spend that time with you. If you want to live a normal and happy existence, you’ll just let him watch his sports and be done with it.

4. They don’t want to go shopping with you. Never. End of story. Don’t ask. Guys hate it.

5. Yes, you have too many shoes, bags, clothes and you care too much about your looks. A guy’s wardrobe consists of a pair of shoes, shorts, a T-shirt or two, and a hat – that’s it. Getting ready in the morning takes less than five minutes. A shower? – Forget about it. So, when you complain that you have no shoes to wear and no bag to match your shoes – when you have thirty pairs of shoes and thirty bags to choose from – you basically look insane.

Lastly, guys have a lot of observations about girls that they may not publicly share. In some cases, girls don’t ask guys about what they are thinking, because they assume they just don’t care. However, you may just be surprised when you actually sit down and have a conversation with him – he could actually have a lot to say. If you are in a relationship, this communication could make the relationship stronger. In the end, it may make sex more exciting too.

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