5 Insane Things To Do After College

For all you college girls out there that are graduating this year, you are about to embark on the journey of life. Okay, perhaps embarking on the journey of life is not the right way to put it – you will spend the next couple of years doing absolutely nothing, watching reality TV and telling people that you are “thinking” about your future.

Well, guess what, you deserve it, because this whole college thing is hard, so to really celebrate, here are five totally insane things to do after college…

1. Kiss the first five guys you see. Yep, even if he is a total dork – just kiss him. There is a good chance that you’ll get one hotty out of the bunch, but it may just be duds. But who cares! – This is your chance to let all your joy out in the weirdest, sluttiest and maybe most inappropriate way. There is also a good chance that no guy will turn you down, so you’ll probably get through all five quite quickly.

2. Streak naked through the college quad. If you are feeling really adventurous, why not take off all your clothes off and run – completely naked – through the college campus? Who cares, right? – I mean, it’s not like these people are going to see you again next year, so you can totally get away with it. Plus, it will feel so good to feel the wind blowing against your naked body.

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3. Go to a shooting range. Another great way to get your excitement out is to head to a shooting range. There is something quite sexy about having your hands on a gun and shooting off a few rounds into a target. Just make sure, though, that you head to a safe gun range, because you don’t want to get injured.

4. Grab the hottest professor and tell him that you are in love with him. You know that teacher you’ve been ogling for years – the hot one with the cool jacket? – Why not go up to him and try to make a move. You could either give him a nice big kiss or you can tell him that you’ve fantasized about him many times before.

5. Drive – just keep driving. Once you graduate, you are free – that means no more classes, no more dorms, and no more midterms. So, why not just hop in your car and drive. You could go north and wind up in Canada or you could go south and wind up in Mexico. Wherever you go, it is sure to be an adventure.

In the end, you’ve had a tough four years, so why not let loose, go crazy, and be your wacky self. Soon enough, you’ll be a former college girl, which means you only have so long until you have real responsibilities. So, you owe it to yourself – let freedom ring!

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