5 Ways To Know For Sure That You Are Flat Broke

As a college girl, there is a big difference between being flat broke and just regular broke. Regular broke means you still have a few hundred bucks left – still a stressful scenario. But flat broke means that you have nothing – your checking account is barren. If your checking account were a road out in the middle of nowhere, it would have tumbleweeds blowing past it.

Here are five ways to know for sure that you are flat broke…flat broke, college girl, fear of spending money

1. You are forced to wear your bathing suit or bikini bottoms as underwear because you can’t afford the dollar and fifty cents for laundry. This is a dire scenario that means you either have to start looking for a part time job or you need to ask daddy for a little help. You should never get to the point where you can’t afford to do your own laundry.

2. Signing up for a scientific study that pays nothing. Any job that pays less than twenty bucks for multiple hours of work is not a job. School is not a job, because you aren’t getting paid. So, when you are so broke that you sign up for a medical study that only pays twenty bucks, you are really in a bad place.

3. Stealing toilet paper from restaurants. Do you go into restaurants and stock up on toilet paper? If you are so broke that you visit different restaurant establishments with an open purse ready to stuff it full of teepee, you need to start reevaluating your life. Eventually, one of these restaurants is going to catch on and you are going to get in a lot of trouble.

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4. You go to funeral receptions just to get coffee and food. Yikes, really, a funeral? If you are actively seeking funerals so that you can steal a few morsels of food and maybe a coffee, you have reached a new low. While everyone else is crying, you are stuffing your face. Yes, it sucks you can’t afford coffee, but you shouldn’t be copping your fix at funerals – no way.

5. Never going anywhere, ever. If you refuse to leave the house for fear of spending money, you are definitely flat broke. If you keep making excuses to your friends as to why you can’t go out, but the real reason is that you have a negative balance in your checking account, you probably want to face the music.

In the end, it isn’t very fun to keep making excuses. It also isn’t fun to have no money – not even to eat. So, you may want to start thinking of some ways to bring in the cash. As a college girl, there are a lot of jobs that you can land that won’t take up too much time and that will give you the money you need to live your life. In the end, we’ve all been flat broke, but if you put your mind to you it, there are definitely ways to make sure your bank account is replenished – just get creative.

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