5 Ways That Your Boobs Can Get In the Way

As a woman, getting boobs for the first time can be really exciting. I’m not sure what the equivalent is for guys – maybe dropping your balls for the first time. For us ladies, it is definitely our boobs. Slowly, our boobs become like two friends that are always with use – like ALWAYS. So, of course, there are going to be those days where you get really annoyed with your boobs.

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Here are five ways that your boobs can get in the way…boobs get in the way, women with big breasts, bigger boobs, best bras for large breasts

1. Like, nothing fits. I hate it when I’m in a store and I see a really cute top, but when I go to try it on, either it doesn’t fit over my boobs or it makes my boobs look really weird. Yes, sometimes boobs can pose some really intense fashion restrictions. I wish I could, like, wear whatever I want, but sometimes my boobs are like two reality checks staring back at me in the mirror every time I think I found the perfect outfit.

2. People stare. I hate when I am having a conversation with someone and they can’t help but stare straight at my boobs the entire time. Even something as simple as going to the DMV becomes a problem because the guy behind the counter can’t even concentrate. So, if you show a little cleavage, good luck having a real conversation with anyone.

3. Your back hurts. After a long day of carrying around your boobs – plus a backpack and a purse – your back can really start to hurt. So, if you don’t continually sit down to take breaks, you are going to have episodes of writhing back pain. My suggestion for this one is to find a more supportive bra – those light frilly bras aren’t going to cut it.

4.  You look fat. If your boobs are anything bigger than a B, you can look much fatter than you actually are. Yes, boobs can make you look like a plumper. The truth is that my waist is tiny, but if I wear a tight fitting shirt, I look so chubby. So, my only option is to wear a tight fitting dress that hugs my waist – to take a little attention away from the boobies for once.

5. So expensive. Indeed, bras can be expensive. As a broke college girl, you can barely afford dinner – let alone a nice bra. So, if you have boobies, get ready to be spending a lot of money, because having boobs need a lot of maintenance. However, there are also  some best bras for large breasts that are affordable.

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Lastly, bigger boobs can get in the way and they can be frustrating, but at the end of the day, you’ve got to love them. I mean, if women with  big breasts know how to work it, boobs can make rocking a bikini look hotter and it can add more definition to their figure – if you know what to wear. In the end, if you want to be less annoyed by your boobs, you just have to learn how to work it.

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