Five Ways On How To Escape A Bad Date

Hellish dates can happen. You can tell when a date has gone bad when all of a sudden you have completely run out of things to say and you and the guy are just sitting there looking at each other. Uh oh – what do you do? These cringe-worthy awkward moments in a bad date seem like they will never end and it seems like there is no escape.

Luckily, there is an escape if you keep your smartphone close and you know these five sneaky moves…

1.  Come prepared with an excuse right off the bat. If you are on a blind date, this is an important tactic, because it can allow you to choose when to escape. Basically, when you sit down with the guy at a restaurant, you want to tell him that something came up and you only have a little bit of time – enough time to eat dinner and ditch if you don’t like the guy. If you like him, you can pretend to get a phone call and then tell him you can actually stay for the rest of the date.

how to escape a bad date, awkward dating, bad dating, escape a date2. The emergency. This one is quite sneaky, but you can definitely get away with it if you are convincing. With this escape route, all you have to do is tell your date that you got a text and you have to bounce ASAP. He’ll be a little confused, but he won’t be heartbroken.

3. Tell your friend to call you with some terrible news. This one is simple – just go into the bathroom, call your friend and tell her to call you five minutes from now. The trick is that you want her to call you twice – for authenticity, you don’t want to answer the first phone call. Once you let the second phone call ring for a while, you can answer it. Be sure to look really distressed, like you just got some bad news. You can then tell your date that you have to go be with your friend who needs support.

4. A bad reaction. Another great way to escape a date is to pretend that you are having an allergic reaction to something. One of the best ways to pretend you are having an allergic reaction is to make your eyes look watery and red. You can do this by rubbing your eyes and then when he isn’t looking put some eye drops in to make them look watery.

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5. The honest answer. If you don’t want to go the sneaky route, you could tell it to him like it is: I just don’t like you. If you are the kind of person that believes in honesty, just tell him that you are over it.

In the end, there are plenty of sneaky and roundabout ways of escaping a date from hell, but you have to be able to pull it off. Most girls just aren’t as sneaky and wind up botching the whole thing. If that sounds like you, you may just want to be honest. If you want to take it a step further – you could tell him why you didn’t like the date. Who knows, he might learn something.

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