Tips On How To Study For Finals

It’s almost the end of the school year, which means two things: taxes and finals. While you don’t really need to worry about taxes (duh, your dad does your taxes for you) – you do need to worry on how to study for college exams. If you haven’t already started studying, you better start studying now. Yes, finals week can be tough – really tough – but you just have to trudge through. Just remember: it will be over soon and you’ll have a whole summer to hang out.

In the meantime, here are some tips on how to study for finals…

1. Turn your boy-toy into a study-toy. Enough fooling around with your boy-toy – it is time to turn him into a human flash card. Studying with someone else can make the studying go by so much quicker. Also, studying with a hot guy can give you an incentive to study harder and you’ll probably do better in your finals as a result. Just think of his abs like positive reinforcement.

2. Bring on the snacks. While you don’t want to blow up like a whale, having a few snacks on hand can be helpful. There are a lot of healthy snacks too, like yogurt and granola and fruit. You could even make smoothies or eat them frozen. There are many ways to get your healthy foods in – just get creative. Whatever the case is, you don’t want to be hungry during finals week, because hungry will turn into hungry and people won’t like you when you’re tips for finals, how to study for college exams, tips on how to study for finals

3. Take yoga. If you have a yoga studio near your college, you want to sign up for classes right now. Taking yoga can make the whole experience of finals weeks, so much more tolerable. Yoga will teach you to relax, take deep breaths and realize all is good. You will also get some exercise in, which is a perfect recipe for killing stress and feeling more rejuvenated.

4. Use a vibrator. This is a crazy one, but hey, it works. I recommend picking up a good vibrator – one that you can stick with for a while. Using a vibrator and getting yourself off during finals week is a great way to blow off steam. Feeling stressed out about your economics final? – Just use a vibrator and cure the stress with an orgasm.

5. Bath time. If you don’t have a bath, you need to find one. Spending about forty-five minutes a day in a bath will make you feel more alive and it will lower your stress levels. I recommend throwing some salts into the bath, lighting some candles and playing some soft music. If you were smart and picked up a waterproof vibrator, you could kill two birds with one stone.

Lastly, study some tips for finals. Finals week can be the toughest week of the year – trust me, I know. But think of like small road bump to summer break and it will all seem a little more tolerable. And just remember: find lots of ways to relax – that is the key surviving this week from hell. Also, getting lots of sleep will help too. In the end, finals week will be over and then you’ll have the whole summer to do whatever you want, which is a pretty good payoff.

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