Top 5 Places to Have Sex On a College Campus

College and sex – it’s like peanut butter and jelly. Without the sex, college wouldn’t be college, right? Most of us don’t go to college for the degree per se – we go for the hot guys, the parties, the fun, and the wild and crazy times. Isn’t that motivation enough to do anything in life? Why would we put ourselves through all this stress for nothing? This is the reason why it is smart to have a few secret spots on campus to get it on with a hot guy.

Here are the top five places to have sex on a college campus…

1. The library. This can be the hottest place to have sex – mainly because it’s so naughty. The library is supposed to be a place where you study,places to have sex, have sex, college campus, college and sex, hottest place to have sex read and be quiet – and certainly not the place where a guy bends you over a desk and puts his hand on your mouth to stifle the moaning. I recommend going during class time – when there aren’t a lot of people in the library. Oh, and wear a dress with no underwear for easy access.

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2. Dorm elevator. All dorms have a few stories, so there is most likely an elevator that takes you up and down. If that is the case, you may want to try having sex in the dorm elevator. If there is a service elevatorall the better. The best part about the dorm elevator is that you can push the stop button and have a hot quickie while nobody is watching. I recommend bringing a sweater that you can put on the ground – so that your butt doesn’t get dirty and your knees don’t get all scraped up.

3. In class. This is by far the boldest place to have sex on a college campus, but you can pull it off if you are incredibly talented. You want to make sure, though, that the classroom has plenty of space. You don’t want to have sex in a small classroom, because you will most likely get caught or arrested. Ideally, you want one of those classrooms that looks like a stadium and you want to have sex in the nosebleed seats.

4. On the quad. This is another risky place to have sex, so you probably don’t want to go for this one while class is in session. The best time to have sex in the quad is at night – when it is dark enough to get away with it. I recommend bringing a little blanket, because you don’t want the grass to bother your skin.

5. On the sports field. If you’ve never had sex on the sports field, you haven’t lived. There are so many great places to have sex on the sports field – you could head into one of the offices, the dugout or you can hang out under the bleachers – totally old school.

Lastly, having a sex on a college campus can be fun, naughty, exciting and really hot. The key, though, to getting away with having sex in any one of the aforementioned places, is to not be completely blatant about it. In the end, sex on campus is so much hotter if you don’t have to deal with the embarrassment of getting caught.

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