Why It’s Hot To Not Wear Too Much Makeup

Do you wake up and spend 10 minutes eating breakfast and two hours doing your hair and makeup? If that sounds like you, you probably have a problem. Society tells us ladies to get dolled up before we go anywhere – before class, before going out, before a date. Basically, society tells us that we shouldn’t leave the house without makeup on. But do we really need all that makeup? The answer is that we don’t – we look beautiful without it. There is also an actual scientific reason why you shouldn’t wear too much make up.

Here is why it’s hot to not wear too much makeup…

1. You look gorgeous without it. All you need is a little lipstick and minimal eyeliner to look stunning. Anything more and you’ll look like a mannequin. Going to class or going anywhere is not a fashion shoot and all that thick lipstick, lip liner, eye shadow, mascara and foundation – it looks weird and unnatural. You’ll look way cuter without it.

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2. It’s bad for your skin. A lot of makeup has weird chemicals and they use strange metals, which can end up causing skin irritation. If you pile on the foundation, you could actually be making your skin look more irritated. So, you may want to try wearing no makeup for a few days – give your skin some rest.

3. They test make up on animals. Did you that they torture monkeys, cats and other animals, like rabbits, all for the sake of your beauty regimen? Yes, a lot of beauty and skincare brands spend millions of dollars testing these products on poor animals – most of them are put down and live in extreme pain. So, if you care about animals, you may want to go au natural.

4. You will confuse guys. If you are the kind of girl that goes out with a ton of make up on, there is a good chance that when you wake up in bed with that guy you took home, he will be really surprised in the daylight. So, you may just want to go out with minimal make up on – that way you’ll look a lot sexier in the morning.

5. You won’t be able to hide the fact that you were crying your eyes out. Yep – when you wear too much makeup, you won’t be able hide the fact that you have been having one of your emotional meltdowns, which is definitely not sexy.

Lastly, the natural look is in. I know it can be hard to break the make up habit, so you have to go slow – you can start by wearing no foundation and then go from there. Eventually, you’ll really see how sexy going au natural is. Who knows, you may even get a few dates out of it – wouldn’t that be surprising?

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