5 Things You’ll Tell Yourself After a Big Break Up

It seems like we talking about breaking up as much as we talking about hooking up. But when you think about it, it makes sense – breaking up is a topic that is just as important as breaking up. Plus, everyone that has, like, hooked up has also been through a breakup. Anyways, but isn’t it funny that every time we break up with a guy, we always tell ourselves the same stupid things to make ourselves feel better.

Here are five things you’ll tell yourself after a big break up…

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1. He wae, because you can’t really predict his future. Sure, you may have been good to him, but there will be a time where he is in a mature relationship and his girlfriend will take really good care of him. Just because you gave him rides to class and back from work, it doesn’t mean you were the “greatest” girlfriend he will ever have.

3. He just couldn’t take how independent I am. This one may be true. Young women tend to be a lot more autonomous than guys. Autonomous means that you do things on your own and you are a lot more independent. Maybe he couldn’t handle the fact that you sometimes wanted to be alone and do things by yourself. A girl needs a little “me” time once and a while.

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4. He was short. This is one of those little mean snarky things to say after a break up that can really hurt his feelings. Sure, maybe he is short, but you don’t need to announce it to the world and it certainly isn’t one of the reasons why you broke up with him. Also, you may be exaggerating your tallness. You may actually be as tall as him when you take off your shoes.

5. He’ll come back. Okay, if he broke up with you and you are waiting for him to realize he made a huge mistake, you may be holding your breath. It could be that he really doesn’t want you back. It could be that you are going to be holding your breath forever, so it may be time to face reality.

Lastly, there are a lot of things that you might tell yourself to, like, feel better after a break up, but the truth is that no matter who broke up with who, the story will never be straight and you’ll always be asking yourself questions and giving yourself justifications. In the end, you’ll realize that there are bigger and better fish in the sea.

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