How Hot College Girls Can Get Turnt Up

There is a new buzzword floating around and it quite possibly the best word in the world. The word is “turnt” – as in, “Let’s get turnt up in this biznatch.” What does turnt up mean and why are all the kids (mostly rappers) saying it? Well, turnt up means to take it to the next level – to get crazy – to get wild and let loose. But getting turnt is also about being cool, confident, sexy and not taking any shit from anyone. As a college girl, learning how to get turnt could change your life.

hot college girls, get turnt up

Here is how hot college girls can get turnt up… 

1. Dress the part. Dressing like you are ready to get turnt is all about mixing styles – you want to go with the classics, but you want to mix it up with something funky like you just don’t give a f*ck. For instance, if you are heading out to the club, put on a cute little black or even gold dress and then mix it with some white 80s sneakers. Now that is turnt!

2. Wear sunglasses, like, all the time. You should be wearing sunglasses in the library, in your car, at dinner with your parents – always. Sunglasses give you that kind of cool look that movie stars have when they are trying not to get recognized.

3. Don’t be jelly – that’s jealous to all those people out there that might not know the word ‘jealous’ has become ‘jelly.’ Getting jelly will only make your life harder. You’ll be jelly of your friends, your boyfriend and everyone if you let it take over your life. So, you want to try and do everything you can to not get so jelly all the time.

4. Make people jelly of you. Instead of you feeling jelly, you should be making other people feel jelly. You can do this by keeping your shoulders up and feeling proud. You can also do this by getting on your social media game – you want to upload and feature photos that will make people wish they were living your life.

5. Learn how to twerk. If you want to really get turnt – at home, at a party or to turn your boyfriend on – you want to twerk it. If you can’t twerk, you want to learn how to twerk. Just watch a Miley Cyrus video and you’ll learn everything you need to know. In fact, just search twerking online – Miley Cyrus won’t be able to teach you anything.

In the end, getting turnt is a lifestyle choice. As a college girl, if you want to feel more confident, happy and sexy – getting turnt is a great way to amp up your life and your sex life. There are lots of ways to get turnt, but only one may work for you, so you want to start practicing now. Like they always say, practice makes perfect – which is especially when it comes to getting turnt.

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