A College Girl’s Guide to What A Guy Likes In Bed

Most college girls think they know what they’re doing in bed, but most of them don’t. In some cases, they are doing it completely wrong. Learning how to please a guy the right way will not only make sex feel better for him, but it will also feel better for you, because when two people are enjoying it together, the whole experience is so much more magical.

Here is a college girl’s guide to what a guy likes in bed…

First, a guy doesn’t like too much foreplay – he likes to get right into it. However, foreplay is important. So, you have to find a way to make it fun and interesting – you also want to tease him a little bit. This is why handcuffs and ties are so much fun. You want him to literally beg for it.

Next, you want to use both your mouth and your hands when you go down on him. If you don’t use both, you might as well skip the whole blowjob. This is an important first step in the sexual experience, because it will give him a chance to touch you and you can touch yourself. Sometimes it can be nice to get a little more lubricated before you start, so the blowjob thing is a great way to give yourself enough time to get ready.

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When he is finally ready to mount you and start pounding a way, this is where you have to take the reins. First, you want to get on top of him before he starts mounting you, like some kind of horse. If you are still wearing a bra and panties, you can slowly do a little striptease until you are completely naked. When you are completely naked, you can gently put his cock inside you and start riding him.

After you start riding him, you want to remain in the cowgirl position for a while. At first you want to lift your body – up and down. You could even lift and hold the position and drop back down again. Going slowly will also ensure that he lasts longer, because usually at this point he would be finished and you be would left wanting more. So, slower is always better.

Lastly, when you feel ready, you can switch into the reverse cowgirl position. After that, you can switch into a few more positions, but you want to find positions that are the most comfortable for him. Girls tend to be a little more flexible than guys, so you don’t want to do anything too embarrassing. In the end, by taking this route, you will show him a sexual experience that he has been missing all along. You may even blow his mind.

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