Ways To Beat The Heat This Summer And Still Look Fabulous

Ladies, if you have stepped outside lately, you have probably felt the scorching, unbearable heat. Yes, you can thank global warming for all this crazy weather – I don’t care what anyone else says. As a girl, though, all this heat can really get in the way. Not only are your boobs all sweaty and your skin all oily, but you also have some really terrible fashion restrictions. You can forget about wearing most pants – too hot. You can also forget about that cute sweater.

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Here are ways to beat the heat this summer and still look fabulous…

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1. Buy a few loose floral dresses. When it’s really hot outside, all you really want to do is walk around naked, but this probably wouldn’t fly with campus administrators. So, your next best option is to go with a loose, flowing dress. You’ll need a few of these, because you’ll be taking them on and off throughout the week. Not only will they feel comfortable to wear, you’ll also look really sexy.

2. Don’t put anything in your hair. Yes, that’s right – you want to refrain from using any products. You may even want to stay away from the blow dryer, because that could dry out your hair even more. Ideally, you want to go with the bedhead look and you only want to wash your hair a few times a week – otherwise your hair will dry out and look frazzled.

3. Keep the sex for the nighttime. When the temperatures hit the triple digits, you definitely don’t want to have sex during the day. You need to save your energy for, like, the simpler things. These things include getting up in the morning, walking across rooms and lifting spoons. So, if he wants a little quickie after lunch, tell him that it can wait until after peak hours – it’s too damn hot!

4. Find a swimming pool or body of water. As a matter of survival, you want to find an area where you can put on your bikini and take a dip in some cool water. Hopefully your college has a swimming pool – otherwise you’ll have to go with a public swimming pool, which will be gross, but you’ll have to tolerate it.

5. Sleep completely naked. You can fold up your pajamas or long T-shirt that you sleep in, because you will be too hot to sleep in anything but your birthday suit. You may even want to retire your comforter until the fall. Sleeping naked will keep your temp down and you’ll sleep better.

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In the end, beating the heat is easy if you have all the tools for survival. As a college girl, the heat can really get in the way of looking and feeling fabulous. But even when the weather outside is scorching hot and you can feel the heat coming off the asphalt, you can still find ways to look and feel beautiful. All you need to do is simplify things and take off a few layers off and you’ll feel great.

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