How To Survive the First Week of Dating a Guy

So, you’ve finally found the one, huh? At the least the one you can fool around with and pretend you are in love with for the next couple of months until you both get bored of each other. Regardless, if you like a guy and you do want it to last, you want to not blow it like you usually do. Luckily, there are a number of ways prevent yourself from completely blowing it.

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Here is how to survive the first week of dating a guy…

1. Keep it real. The more you try to put on an act to make yourself appear cooler, smarter, or prettier, the more he’ll catch on and think you are a psycho. A lot of girls think they have to put on an act for a certain guy. For instance, if the guy is a science or math major, they think they have to act smart. If he is sports guy, they think they have to act all sporty – just act like yourself and you will be fine.

2. Don’t put all your cards on the table. It is only the first week of dating and it’s not like you are going to get married or anything, so you don’t need to drop everything in your life for this guy. No matter how much you like a guy, you should never mix up your priorities. Plus, if you make some guy you just met your number one priority, you will just feel empty inside.

3. Put your phone down. Yes, you may have all these crazy feelings of lust and love that keeping churning around in your stomach like a never ending washing machine or horniness and giddiness, but you want to keep a lot of it to yourself. There is a biological reason why you are acting like this, so you want to put your phone down, because if you obsessively text, sext, chat or send him photos, his stalker alert will go off.

4. Look at reality. Staying in reality is important. If you let your giddiness take you too far, you will only feel let down if something happens. So, you want to be as pragmatic as possible. That way – if anything does happen – you’ll be able to handle it like a normal person and not as a crazy college girl going off her chain.

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5. Enjoy it. One of the best ways to survive that first week of dating is to enjoy it – yes, have fun. If you are worried the whole time about whether it will last or not, you will only be making yourself stressed out and anxious. You also want to enjoy it because life is short and you’ll only be young once.

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In the end, the first week of dating is an anxiety-ridden week, for sure. You are still in that awkward phase and sometimes your conversations end with the sound of crickets chirping. However, if you just enjoy it and let things take their course, that first week will be a breeze.

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