5 Things You Should Never Do In College Sex

There are a lot of things you should do during sex, like stroke, massage, fondle, and so on. All the things you can imagine would turn a guy on. Hell, you could even do a sexy strip tease. But there are a number of things that you should definitely never, ever do during sex. According to some sex researchers, a lot of people do these things during sex and they wonder why their sex life is so terrible.

Here are five things you should never do in college sex…

1. Cry. Crying during sex is by far one of the most outrageous things you can do. If you are feeling emotional, maybe it is not the right time to have sex. Or save the waterworks until after sex if you can’t hold it in.

2. Check your texts. Yikes, this is pretty egregious. If you get a text or a call, you want to leave your phone on the nightstand. If you are in a dorm, you can leave your phone on the desk with all those old drinks that haven’t been thrown out yet. Whatever you do, don’t check your phone during sex – it is weird and rude.

3. Show no interest. If you are not in the mood for sex, you just shouldn’t partake – it is as simple as that. Sex just isn’t that interesting if you aren’t interested. Plus, he’ll be able to tell. If you think that he’ll just keep pounding away until he gets off, you are definitely wrong – he will get off, but it won’t be as enjoyable and you may make him feel bad afterwards. So, just don’t even start – wait until you are actually turned on.

4. Fall asleep. This is an obvious one, right – do we even need to get into how ridiculous and horrible falling asleep during sex is? If you are feeling that exhausted, you probably want to head home and go to sleep early. A guy doesn’t want to feel like he is having sex with a corpse.

5. Talk too much about random topics. Okay, he doesn’t want to know what’s going on in your favorite reality TV show. He also doesn’t want to know about the drama between you and your best friend. So, you may want to think about talking about dirty, sexy stuff – not personal life stuff that will bore him to the point where he doesn’t have an erection anymore.

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In the end, there are a lot of things you just shouldn’t do during sex. Most of these things are common sense, so use your best judgment. Crying too much talking, sleeping, checking your phone and showing absolutely no interest are big no no’s – so just don’t do it while you are doing it.

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