5 Things To Think About Before You Send A Naked Selfie

By now, everyone knows what a selfie is – it seems like the past year has been the year of the selfie. Funny enough, the word ‘selfie’ actually made it into a real dictionary with other real words and stuff. However, if you are going to send a naughty selfie to that special person in your life – you need to think long and hard before you do.

Here are five things to think about before you send a naked selfie.

Topless or lingerie. When you send a naked selfie, you may want to give some element of mystery, which is why you may want to wear a bra. Not only will a bra make you look sexy, it also won’t look so bad if the selfie accidently goes viral. When choosing a cute bra to wear, the safest way to go is with lingerie. It’s sexy and it gets the point across.

Duck face or tiger face. You have two faces to choose from in a naked selfie – the classic duck face or the tiger face. The tiger face is slowly catching on, but the duck face is still going very strong. However, you want to make sure that you practice both in the mirror before you choose one. You may want to go with a nice smile if neither work.

Full frontal or a little back too. When sending a naked selfie, you have two choices for framing – you can either get your whole body in there or you can get a little butt in there too. If you aren’t clever with the camera, you may want to go for a simple full frontal shot. Yet, if you really want to turn him on, you could get yourself in front of the mirror and do one of those turn around shots that gets the booty, boobies and then a nice smile in there too.

Bedroom or bathroom. There are two common places to take a naked selfie: the bathroom or the bedroom. The only problem with the bathroom is that most people have gross bathrooms, so you don’t want to send him a picture that grosses him out. If you have a nice bathroom, go for it, but your bedroom is usually the place to take a naked selfie.

Make up or no make up. This is a personal choice. You can go brave and do the whole no makeup thing – I think it looks better when you go au natural – or you can get a little dolled up. In fact, the post shower naked selfie is always really sexy. Yet, a late night “I just got home from partying” selfie is sexy too. You don’t want to look like you are trying too hard.

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So, whatever type of selfie you send, think about it before you hit the send button. Taking a selfie isn’t as random as it looks. And if you are shy about getting naked, you can always send a selfie with clothes on – it can still be really sexy and it can get the message across in the same way.

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