College Fashion Do’s and Dont’s

College can be a time of some serious fashion do’s and dont’s. Most of the time, though, college is a time of fashion dont’s. Yes, college can stressful, so you make up for it by becoming extremely lazy – you don’t clean your room, you stop doing your laundry and all you want to do is wear a garbage bag to class everyday. However, there are some college girl fashion dont’s that need to die, like immediately.

Here are five college fashion do’s and dont’s…

1. Frumpy sweatpants with a silly saying on the butt. Wearing sweatpants are often the easiest and most comfortable way to dress when you are in college. You try writing a twenty-page paper in jeggings. You try taking a three-hour long exam in a short skirt. It’s impossible. Yet, the whole frumpy sweatpants look has got to go – no girl should be caught wearing sweatpants outside of her apartment.

2. Leather flip-flops. Over the past few years, more and more college girls have taken to wearing leather flip-flops as a lazy excuse for wearing shoes. The only problem with these flip-flops is that they make your feet stink and look gross. And what did you walk in? – Coal? The whole dirty feet look is not attractive.

3. Extremely low back-exposing dresses. You will more commonly see this mode of dress out at the clubs, but it is starting to make its way into daily wear too. First off, I don’t have to have to keep looking at some girl’s entire back. Have you seen your back lately? You probably don’t want to expose that much, because you definitely have backne – that’s acne on your back.

4. Boots over leggings. Again, don’t become a victim to lazy fashion. The whole boots over legging thing was popular about five years ago among lazy celebrities, which doesn’t make it okay to adopt it for your daily look. Please wear some normal shoes and some classier pants.

5. Sweatshirts with your college name on it. Okay, you are trying to show some school pride, but those sweatshirts are only to be worn if you get cold while watching the game or some other college related event. They are definitely not to be worn every single day.

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So, what does a college girl wear? Well, stick to the basics – cute tees, flattering dresses, cute flats and boots – and anything that is flattering to your body type. You don’t have to turn college into a fashion show, but you can look at it as a way to practice dressing like a grown up woman. You’ll look sexier and you’ll feel sexier too.

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