5 Things You Can Be Doing While You Wait for His Text

Okay, waiting for a text can be one of the most tortuous things in the world. It starts off with thinking a guy is cute in your class. Then you start talking after class – maybe even passing notes to each other. Then the text flirting starts. You guys get into a hot text match, but then you get a little deeper and tell him that you really like him. That’s when the worst happens: he doesn’t respond. All of a sudden it’s five hours later and still – radio silence.

Here are five things you can do while waiting for a text from him– so that you don’t lose your mind…

1. Go shopping. A little retail therapy won’t hurt anyone – unless you go into credit card debt. However, if that guy hasn’t texted you yet, there is a good chance that he is trying to figure out what to say. So, you can either dwell on the negative or get proactive. He’ll probably text back and say that he likes you too, so you may want to go out and invest in some sexy underwear.

2. Go out with friends. Lunch, brunch – whatever – going out with friends can be a great way to get your mind off that text he hasn’t sent yet. So, why not call your friends – a little friend date will be fun. You could even knock back a few mimosas if you really want to think about something else.

3. Go to a movie. You don’t want to watch a movie on your computer, because you will just end up stalking the guy on social media. You actually want to go out and see a movie. This is a great way to kill a few hours and be totally engaged and occupied the entire time. Best of all, it forces you to turn your phone off.

4. Go for a run. This can be another positive thing to do with your time. Put on some hot booty shorts and go for a run around the campus. Doing this will decrease your anxiety, because your brain will be pumping out endorphins. Also, if he does text you in the next few days and asks you to come over, your ass will be really toned and ready.

5. Go for a quickie. Okay, this is a little naughty, especially if you are waiting for a text from a guy, but it can be a really great way to let some steam off, especially if waiting for that text has gotten you really turned on. There is a good chance that you have a guy that you are fooling around with, so try to get a last hurrah in before you start something new.

Lastly, there is a good chance that you will get a text back and there is also a really strong chance that if you had a connection, he likes you too. So, just hang tight. In the meantime, though, you may want to occupy your mind until he does text you back. Don’t worry, guys do this – they take forever to respond to the simplest things.

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