5 Sex Things College Girls Are Shy About In Bed

College girls are adventurous and they give off the sense that they are ready to get completely wild, but the truth is that they are a lot more prude than you think. Trust me, I know – I’m one of them. It happens exactly like this: you meet a hot guy, you talk dirty to each other at a party, he says he wants to do all sorts of things to you and you are all for it. But what happens when you are actually in bed together? Most of the time, you aren’t really ready for the things you promise, which makes for a really awkward sexual experience.

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Here are five sex things that college girls are shy of in bed…

1. Swallowing. It’s an age-old question: do you spit or swallow? Guys are going to want a girl who swallows – it’s just hotter to swallow a guy’s load instead of giving your mouth a break and finishing with your hands, because it stops the momentum. The worst thing you can do: stop all together and put your hands up like you are going to get shot in the face. Really, the cleanest and easiest thing to do is to just swallow – it will taste strange for a second, but then it will be over.

2. Anal sex. A lot of college girls are open to the idea of having anal sex, but when it actually comes down to it, they aren’t. If you are getting pressured to have anal sex, but don’t want to, you want to let him know that. You never want to do anything you don’t want to do.

3. Bondage. In theory, bondage can seem like fun – either tying someone up or getting tied up – but when it comes to actually doing it, you may start to have a laughing fit. Bondage can be hot in the bedroom, but it is not for everyone. Plus, you need to have all the tools and you need to be in the mood – or else it will be really weird and awkward.

4. Prostate play. This is something that both girls and boys are shy about in bed. Prostate play is when you put your finger in a guy’s butt during sex or a blowjob. It can make his orgasm so much more intense. However, it is hard for guys to ask for it and it is hard for girls to actually do it – it is a butthole after all.

5. Rough sex. This is another one of those things you have in your head, but when it actually comes to playing the part, you get shy. Rough sex can be fun, but you have to be a certain kind of person to enjoy it. Also, you should never force it. If you like slow sex, you should stick to slow, passionate sex. If you like rough sex – try talking to your guy about it, because opening up and being communicative is one of the best ways to get exactly what you want in bed.

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