Five Ways To Stay Safe At A College Frat Party

According to statistics, violence against girls at frat parties is actually getting worse. What does this mean for college girls everywhere? It means that it is time to get serious about taking measures to stay safe. When it comes to safety, going out with a friend and not being alone is not enough anymore. What happens if you are at a college frat party and you end up alone in a room with a guy you thought you could trust?

Here are five ways to stay safe at a college frat party…

Never go to a frat party alone with people you don’t know. If a guy you just met invites you to a frat party, you want to make sure that you bring a few friends with you. What happens when you get to the party and realize there is not party at all – just a gross guy that was trying to take advantage of you? So, having friends there will be good back up in case anything does happen.

Carry mace on you at all times. It is critical that you carry mace on you, because you never know when you are going to need to fend for yourself. You don’t want to carry a knife or any other weapon, because that can be dangerous, but mace is a low-key defense tactic that will definitely do the trick.

Never go into a room with a guy you don’t know. If you are at a frat party and a guy asks you to go into his room, you want to politely decline. If he pushes you, you need to scream help. Many college girls aren’t strong enough to say “no” – let alone scream for help. But your life and dignity could actually depend on it.

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Don’t wear anything too skanky. Yes, there is such a thing as dressing too slutty, especially at a frat party. You know the way you feel when you see a delicious piece of chocolate cake – that is pretty much how frat guys see you when you are wearing clothing that is too revealing. So make sure to dress appropriately. You don’t need to go full lady-suit, but something that doesn’t show too much side boob or thigh.

Don’t trust a drink unless you’ve seen it poured. If a guy offers you a drink, but you didn’t see him pour it, you want to turn him down. If you like him, you could actually tell him to walk with you back into the kitchen to pour another drink. You want to see everything that goes into the drink – just to make sure.

Lastly, frat houses can be dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing. You could actually get in a lot of trouble if you aren’t careful. In the end, though, you can actually have a lot of fun if you stay aware and safe. Not all frat guys are dangerous, after all.

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