5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Have Sex With Your Ex

A fresh breakup can be harsh, but it can be even weirder after a few months – when a few layers of scar tissue have built up. You are in that post-breakup phase where you are talking about being single forever and, best of all, you are starting to get over your ex. However, this is also the time that you decide to meet your ex for coffee – for closure or whatever. This can be a dangerous move, because this meeting could very easily turn into sex.

Here are five reasons why you shouldn’t have sex with your ex…

1. He’ll think you want him back. If you definitely don’t want him back, you definitely don’t want to sleep with him. Guys can be so stupid – they think a little sex is your way of telling him that you want to get back together. The truth is, though, that breakup sex is just breakup sex – it is just to sever the ties; not make them stronger. So, if you think he will misinterpret your advances, you probably don’t want to play that game.

2. It will make you feel terrible. Seriously, he broke your heart and now you are letting him have sex with you. How low do you have to go? Sure, you may be lonely and a little horny, but does that mean that you have to have sex with him? Just think about how you will feel afterwards.

3. It will only lengthen the time that it takes to get over him. If you were with your ex for a long time – over a couple of years – it may take a while for that scar tissue to build up. So, you may want to think twice about having sex with your ex – it could confuse things and make the break up so much harder to deal with.

4. You will be expecting something totally different. Ex sex is also bad sex, because you will realize that the love is gone forever. Whereas before when you had sex with him there was passion and romance – now there is only coldness and a lack of warmth. Sex with someone you broke up with can be like having sex with a ghost and this fact may be really depressing and hard to handle.

5. Your ex has been getting super busy. If it’s been a few months, your ex could have already gotten busy with a lot of other girls. If this is the case, you may be seriously grossed out, jealous and just plane weirded out. Also, if you do have sex – be sure to wear a condom.

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Lastly, there are countless reasons why you should stay away from sex with the ex. Your heart probably already has a few cracks in it, so don’t let a little empty post-breakup sex cause your heart to completely shatter. In the end, the best thing you can do is say goodbye and delete his number forever.

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