5 Crazy Things You Absolutely Need To Do This Summer

The summer is a perfect time to reinvent yourself – to do something you have never tried before. As a college girl, this can be a little bit like shedding your old skin and becoming a new person. And what better time than the summer – when you have nothing but time on your hands to do whatever you want and to be as crazy as you want. When it comes down to it, don’t you owe it yourself after a crazy year of classes, drama and all the other stuff that comes along with going to college?

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Here are five crazy things you absolutely need to do this summer…

1. Disguise yourself and go to a party. There is no better way to completely reinvent yourself than to do a disguise and go to a party. If your disguise is good enough, no one will recognize you and you can be anyone you want. It will be weird introducing yourself to your friends, but it will also be really fun. Later in the night, you can reveal who you really are and surprise everyone.

2. Have a dance party in your own bedroom. This one is easy – all you need is a good playlist and you can have your own mini dance party. The best part about having a dance party in your room? – No cover charges and you won’t have a bunch of guys hitting on you.

3. Grab a guy and have sex in public. Okay, maybe don’t physically grab a guy, but find a cute guy and convince him to have public sex with you. While you probably don’t want to have sex in broad daylight around a bunch of people – you can do it in a park or somewhere sort of private, but still outdoors. You want to choose a place with a modicum of romance and cleanliness (you don’t want to have public sex in a gross alleyway).

4. Go skydiving. Yes, skydiving is insane – it makes my palms sweaty just to think about it, but if you want something really crazy to do this summer, you may get a kick out of the adrenaline high that skydiving can give you. Make sure, though, that you go to a professional skydiving place because you don’t want to be jumping out of any old plane.

5. Take a wild road trip.  This is something that you don’t get to do all the time, because you are either in school or working. If you aren’t working and you aren’t school, why not hop in the car and go on a totally wild adventure. You could go anywhere. Just bring your friends and you’ll have stories to tell for a lifetime – you may even meet a hot guy or two.

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Lastly, the summer is the perfect time to get wild and crazy, so why not live out your wildest fantasies. As a college girl, you’ll only have so much time to live out these fantasies, so now is always better than later. In the end, you’ll regret it if you don’t.

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