5 Things Guys Will Never Understand About Girl’s Menstrual Cycle

A woman’s menstrual cycle is a little bit like a television show that comes on once a month and lasts for five days. And like a television show, it is replete with all its drama. In fact, if you took a few letters out of the word ‘menstrual,’ you’d get the word ‘mental.’ However, not all periods are alike. Did you know that? Many girls have been in the situation where they have to tell a guy that they just can’t hook up, because it is “that time of the month,” but they always make that sad, confused puppy dog face.

Here are five things guys will never understand about girl’s menstrual cycle..

1. We don’t always turn into crazy people during our menstrual cycle. In fact, many girls have pretty moderate periods. So, don’t keep asking us if we “feel okay” – it is really demeaning. We are just shedding internal organs and blood is pouring out of us, but it’s totally normal – we’re used to it. Guys, if you do run into a girl who has particularly emotional periods – make sure to supply her with as much ice cream and cozy blankets as possible.

2. We can have sex, we just don’t want to. Guys, you would be lucky if you found a girl that actually wanted to have sex while on her period. Most of the time, the drive just isn’t there and we feel pretty dirty. So, you can push it if you want, but we won’t be that into it.

3. We don’t always get our period at the exact same time, menstrual cycle changes. The next time your girlfriend doesn’t get her period on the exact same day as she did last month, you don’t need to freak out and think that you are going to become a young father. The truth is that periods aren’t like clock work. In fact, if we’re stressed enough, we may skip a whole month.

4. We don’t like to talk about the details and specifics. So, stop asking.

5. We’re not dying. Just because we have blood coming out of us, it doesn’t mean that we are dying. In fact, our period is actually good for us. You can think of our period like a sign that we are really healthy. So, don’t treat us like we’re sick and weak. Our period actually means we’re really strong.

Lastly, a girl can get ‘mental’ from her ‘menstrual’ cycle, but all you guys out there don’t need to get so worked up about it. Our “time of the month” is actually really normal. The truth is that you should be clapping every time we get our period, because our period means that we are not pregnant. It also means that you aren’t a father. In the end, the better you know a menstrual cycle, the better you’ll know your girlfriend.

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