College Spring Break Facts Every College Girl Needs To Know

It’s almost that time of the year: spring break, bitches! What does this mean for every college girl and boy on campus? It means that it is time to let loose and go wild, because there is a lot of partying to do. But whatever spring break location you choose, you need to make sure that you choose wisely, because you don’t want to have a bad time. One of the biggest sins of spring break is coming back home and not having a story to tell.

Here are five things every college girl needs to know about spring break…

1. It is going to be insane. Be prepared for a wild ride. If you think you are going to spring break to take an actual break, you aren’t. So, you may want to think about reserving a few days after the party to relax before you get back to class. You are going to need a break from spring break, especially if you are the party girl type.

2. You are going to spend a ridiculous amount of money. If you are going to spring break with the intention of saving money – think again. Spring break costs major mulah. You need to be prepared to spend two months worth of spending cash, so that means you also have to be prepared to eat noodles for the two months after you come back from break.

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3. Rumors fly – on spring break and when you get back. Spring break doesn’t necessarily mean that you get a break from the rumor machine. That thing will keep churning and churning – well after you get back from the spring break, so don’t do anything that can put you in the situation of having to explain yourself later. This is especially true if there are cameras around.

4. There will be drunk bros and lady-bros everywhere. You know those zombie movies where the zombies take over a town and they are really annoying? Well, that is sort of like spring break, but instead of zombies – it’s bros and lady-bros and they will be very, very drunk. So, be prepared to deal with this, because it won’t be fun after a few hours of loud screaming in your ear on a hot beach.

5. Be safe. This is probably the most critical thing that you need to know about spring break – you need take measures to protect yourself. Spring break can be a scary place in some countries where the rules are little more lax and there aren’t a lot of cops around. So, be sure to always go out at night with at least two or three friends – or else never go out alone.

So, are you ready for spring break? If you said ‘no problem’ to any of the above, you are ready – congratulations! Just some more words of advice: be sure to bring an extra beach towel and some sun block, because you are going to want to hang out on the beach, pull down your shades and kick it.

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