Dating Advice: How To Break The Ice At An Awkward Date

Dates can be awkward, especially if it’s a blind date or if you don’t really know the person. Undoubtedly, you will find yourself in that position where you will start to feel like there is nothing to stay. Usually, this moment happens right when you sit down to dinner and you can’t complain about how hungry you are anymore. Now, it is time to get down to business.

Here is how to break the ice at an awkward date…

1. Find anything to talk about – anything. You can talk about the person who set you up, the dating website that you met on or even the moment you met – even it was only a few hours before the date. Just grasping on to something will allow the ice to melt and thaw, so that you can let the conversation to roll a little faster into more exciting subjects.

2. Find out more about the person. Are you interested in where your date grew up? How about childhood nicknames? Showing an interest in the person and asking questions can make the atmosphere a lot less awkward. Plus, there is so much to ask about a person! Where did they grow up? Who was their first celebrity crush? The material is really endless. You may get a few lame answers, but at least you have something to work with, which is more than your date can say – especially if he is being shy.

3. Find out what he likes in a girl. This is a great question to ask, because it will usually set him off to find a long meaningful answer, which means that you can sit back and listen. But make sure that you actually listen to his answer, because you don’t want to come off as rude or indifferent.

4. Laugh if you want. Many people turn a perfectly non-awkward situation into an awkward situation by not laughing. First of all, if you want to laugh, you should, because it will hurt you more to hold it in. Laughing is an essential part of the conversation, so laugh if something is funny!

5. Crack a few jokes. You really don’t have anything to lose by cracking a few jokes on a date. Maybe they’ll be funny and maybe they won’t, but it will show that you don’t take yourself too seriously. A lot of guys are intimidated by girls, but if you show that you have a funny side, it will make the date less weird and awkward.

Lastly, a date doesn’t need to be awkward. By opening up, cracking a few jokes and being generally interested in your date, you can actually have fun. Dating doesn’t need to be tortuous – it should be fun more than anything else.

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