What You Will Learn From Revenge Sex

Revenge sex is classified as sexual relations with another person to get back at another person for something they did wrong. For instance, if your boyfriend cheated on you or broke up with you for no reason at all, you might find another guy and have sex with him – for revenge. In most cases, it is the most hurtful form of revenge. You usually have to be in a very bad place to actually get into the mindset of having revenge sex, but hey, it happens sometimes.

Here is what you will learn from revenge sex…

1. You will learn that sex is way better with someone you actually know and care about. Usually, revenge sex is with a guy you don’t know very well and it can be very cold and mechanical. It can also feel really awkward, especially if you think of the reasons why you are doing it. When you roll over and you don’t have anything to talk about and you don’t get all snuggly, you will start to miss your boyfriend.

2. It can feel like freedom, but only in the right context. If you are mad at your boyfriend for something really trivial, like being annoying or getting a text for an ex-girlfriend, then revenge sex will feel a little overboard. Also, your friends might look at you like a psycho. And the actual revenge sex will be really bad. Then again, if you have revenge sex after a serious break up – a break up where you cried a lot – then revenge sex can set you free and make you realize that there are other fish in the sea.

3. Sex doesn’t fill the hole created by heartbreak. This is an important thing to learn early in your life, because you may make the same mistake later and it can really be painful. Yes, when you are truly heartbroken, revenge sex may just make it worse – way worse. So, if you are thinking that sex will cure the hurt you are feeling, think again.

4. It can be fun if you agree that there are no strings attached. Sex as a way to get through a breakup can be healing, but only if you make it about healing. You may just meet someone that you really like. If you can both agree that you’ll have sex for a few nights and then call it quits, it may smooth the transition between a bad relationship and being single.

5. You wish you can go back to your boyfriend and apologize. Yes, in the middle of revenge sex, you may just realize that you want to go back to your boyfriend and forgive him – and say you’re sorry.

Lastly, revenge sex is serious business. Before you do it, you want to make sure that you weighed all the pros and cons. Also, does your boyfriend really deserve it? When it comes down to it, time is usually the best medicine for a broken heart, but a little post nookie won’t hurt anyone, especially if they don’t have to know. Although, if you love your boyfriend and you are going through a little bump in the road, you should probably refrain from having revenge sex, because you’ll end up regretting it in the end.

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