What Every College Girl Needs: Survival Items

As a college girl, life isn’t that hard, but you are in this weird transitional phase that makes you sort of an emotional freak. Trust me, it’s really weird to be a girl at this age – your hormones are raging, you get horny at the worst times and you flip out anytime anyone says something vaguely bad about you. However, there are some things that college girls absolutely can’t live without – you could call these survival items that are essential to the college girl lifestyle.

Here are five things needed for college – college girl essentials…

1. Snacks. This is a really important one. We get hungry at weird times, like in the middle of the night. So, we need a good stash of munchies. However, you can’t have only one kind of snack, because that will get boring. This is why you need a good balance between sweet and savory. Just a word to the wise: don’t overdo it, or else you’ll get that dreaded freshman 15 everyone has been warning you about.

2. Leggings. A college girl can’t live without leggings. Maybe it’s the hormones – maybe it’s the fact that we don’t want anyone to see our legs, but we need a good pair of leggings. For a college girl, having a pair of leggings is like having an extra pair of skin – it is vital. Who knows what we would do without legging – probably curl up into a ball and implode.

3. Cheesy music. This is another essential for the college girl. Cheesy music goes with literally everything. Whether we’re feeling emotional or happy for no reason at all, having cheesy music is incredibly important. If you don’t have a good playlist of cheesy music – and you are a college girl – you haven’t lived yet. So, be sure to make a good playlist – new and old hits work wonders.

4. Makeup. Yes, college girls can’t live without makeup. It is not that we want to look like Dolly Parton at a costume party, but we do want to make ourselves a little sexier. Smoky eyes and a little lipstick is hot – can you blame us? Yes, there are some girls that go overboard, but most of us just want to improve our appearance slightly and maybe attract a hot guy or two.

5. Our cellphones. This is an easy one. Without our phones, where would all the hashtags, selfies and duck-faces go? It would literally be a world without duck faces. Plus, how are we going to send naughty picture to boys? Also, college girl selfies can be really hot. Could you live in a world without college girl selfies – I certainly couldn’t.

Lastly, college girls don’t ask for much, but there are some things we can’t live without. When you are in college, going to class and getting good grades can be really stressful, so it helps to have a few amenities and distractions. Not only that, but it helps to have a few essentials to help us survive this weird transition phase in between being a college girl and adulthood, whatever that is.

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