Are You In The Friend Zone?

The friend zone sucks –everyone knows that. The one thing that most college girls don’t know, unfortunately, is when they are actually in the friend zone. It usually happens when you really like a guy – you are hanging out with him, but you are too stupid in love to realize that he doesn’t even like you back, at least in that way. You only realize that you are in the friend zone when you go to make a move and he backs up and gives you that faces that days everything: “I just want to be friends.”

Here are some ways to know that you are in the friend zone, so that you won’t look like such an idiot…

1. He says things like, “You’re like my little sister” or “my girl buddy” – these are code words for friend, friend, friend. I don’t know why more college girls don’t pick up on this, but it is clear as day. If he puts you in the same realm as his family or friends, there is a good chance that you are just a friend. Also, it is a sign that he secretly wants you to know that you are just a friend.

2. He talks about his other crushes with you. If he blatantly talks about other girls and even other sexual conquests, there is a good chance that he just wants to be your friend. Also, if you keep getting jealous that he is talking about other girls, it will just make you look even stupider and clueless.

3. He never calls you – you always call him. If a guy really liked you, wouldn’t he be calling you to hang out? If you are constantly call him to chillax or hang out and he always begrudgingly says ‘okay,’ then you can probably assume that he doesn’t “like you that way.” So, the next time you call him, listen for his tone of voice. If you still can’t get a hint, just wait for him to call you after you hang out – there is a good chance he won’t.

4. He always has his friends around. Okay, this is one of the most obvious ways to know that he doesn’t like you in a romantic or sexual way. If his friends are always hanging around and you are never with him alone, there is a very strong probability that you are in the friend zone and there is absolutely no way out.

5. He tries to get you to go out with one of his friends. This is a big sign that he just wants to be friends. If he is actively trying to get you to hook up with one of his friends, it couldn’t be more straightforward that he sees you as just a good friend.

Lastly, there aren’t many ways to get out of the friend zone once you are in the friend zone, but you can try. I mean, if you want a relationship with a guy and not a friendship, you have to be clear and honest about it. So, you have two options: go for the kiss or talk to him about it. If he doesn’t respond positively to either, you’ll know that you don’t really have to waste your time, but at least you tried.

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