Everything You Need To Know About Having Sex In A Shower

One of the best places to have sex is in the shower – no duh. If you are one of the lucky college girls with a private shower, knowing how to pull off shower sex seamlessly is incredibly important. When it comes down to it, shower sex can either go extremely right or extremely wrong. For one, showers can be slippery and dangerous. Add sex into the mix and it could be a disaster. Plus, showers tend to be pretty gross – especially college showers.

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Here are some things you need to know about shower sex…

For one, you want to make sure that the shower is ready for lovemaking. The last thing you want is to have sex in a shower that is covered in soap scum, pubic hair and lots of other mystery matter. It makes me want to puke just thinking about it. So, be sure to clean that shower before hand. You may even want to put some flowers or candles in there. You don’t want your shower to smell like a Tijuana strip club while you are getting it on.

Be sure to adjust water pressure. I have learned this one the hard way – on a few occasions. When it comes down to it, you don’t want the water to have too much pressure and you don’t want there to be weak pressure either. If the water has too much pressure, it can really be painful and it can start to become distracting. The same goes with weak pressure, but with weak pressure, it can start to feel cold and uncomfortable, because the hot water isn’t reaching both partners equally.

Bring a few naughty toys into the shower with you. There are a lot of naughty shower toys – all waterproof – that can make shower sex so much more fun. The reason why you want to bring a few toys into the shower is because sometimes it can be hard to have proper foreplay in the shower– having sex in the shower is hard enough. So, you can use toys to get each other off – instead of coming up with some origami formula to go down each other.

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Lastly, when you are having some hot shower sex, you actually want to utilize the fact that you are in the shower and get lathered up before hand. It can be hot to wash each other and scrub each other down. Not only can it be a great way to get your juices flowing, but it can also be a great way to make the entire experience so much more sensual. Also, be sure to remember that shower sex should be done with the necessary precautions in mind: always hold on to something while you are doing it and make sure to watch your step. You don’t want to have anything too embarrassing happen while you are having sex in the shower.

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