Reasons Why Dating An Athlete Sucks

An athlete is often the most popular and hot guy on your college campus. Let’s face it – everything college girl wants to date an athlete. However, there are a few things you should know about an athlete before you pursue him. You may find that who he really is just doesn’t match his appearance. You may find out that dating an athlete was actually a really big mistake.

Here are five reasons why dating an athlete sucks sometimes…

1. He can be really arrogant. Yes, an athlete can be really smug and arrogant and that can really suck to be around all the time. Just because you are popular and get all the girls, it doesn’t mean that you can be arrogant. So, if you start to notice signs that the athlete you have your eyes on is a little arrogant, you should keep looking.

2. Sports come first. If he is a real athlete, there is a good chance that he is on a football, baseball or even swim scholarship. This means that you are not and never will be the priority. This is too bad, especially if you actually start to like the guy. Just think of it this way: if he doesn’t do well in school, he can’t play sports and if he can’t play sports, he may lose his scholarship.

3. Too assertive. The athlete is really confident – almost to the point of being cocky. This means that he is really assertive. When you start dating an athlete, you will notice that this assertiveness could come off as abrasiveness and you may not like it. So, you want to make sure to keep this in mind. Then again, if you like a guy who puts his foot down when he doesn’t like something, the athlete may be for you.

4. He may be too controlling. Athlete guys can be really possessive, so you want to be careful that you don’t become his possession. Maybe it’s the hyper-masculinity, or maybe it’s the fact that they are all amped up on testosterone, but jock guys can be really weird when they start dating a girl. And the cuter you are, the more possessive they can be.

5. An athlete guy can be dumb. If you thought some college girls were stupid, you can’t imagine how dumb some college guys can be. It is a wonder how some of these guys make it into college, but you realize that they are not in college to actually learn, but play a sport – it makes sense. So, if you are not into the dumb guy – you may want to pass on the jock.

When it comes down to it, an athlete can be fun to date, but he can also be a jerk. You may also find that the jerk is actually really dumb and there really isn’t anything there behind those chiseled good looks. However, you may just meet an athlete guy that is really sweet and you will get the whole package – literally and figuratively.

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