Five Ways To Get That Hot Guy On Valentines Day

on valentines day, this valentines day, guy valentines day, valentines day, best valentines day, best valentines day giftGetting a hot guy on Valentines Day is incredibly important as a college girl. Next to New Years Eve, no college girl wants to be caught dead on Valentines Day alone. Luckily, there are a number of ways to pick up the hot guy this Valentines Day. With a few tips and tricks, you’ll put yourself in the position of being totally datable this Valentines Day. Plus, you have to find ways to make yourself more attractive, so the hot guy will actually say yes when you ask him out.

Here are five ways to get that hot guy on Valentines Day…

1. Bright lipstick. This is incredibly important, because bright, red lipstick will make the hot guy think all sorts of nasty thoughts. So, before you ask him out, make sure to put on a couple of layers of the wettest, reddest lipstick you can find. On a biological level, lipstick will make him think of one thing: sex.

2. Be confident. When you ask the hot guy out, you want to be confident. It is a little out of the ordinary to be asking a guy out in the first place, so you want to play it really cool. A simple question will usually do the trick, but you may want to practice what it sounds like before you actually say it. You definitely don’t want to come off as a total weirdo.

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3. Get his attention first. If you want to switch it around and get him to ask you out, you want to get his attention. One of the best ways to get his attention to make eye contact. You don’t want it to be creepy, stalker eye contact – just some fun flirting. When it comes down to it, you can actually say a lot with your eyes. After you make some sexy eye contact, you just wait for him to snag the bait.

4. Get your hygiene in order. When you are going to ask a hot guy out, or if you are waiting for the hot guy to ask you out on a Valentines Day date, you want to make sure you get your hygiene in check. This means that you not have to smell great, but you want to may want to get a bikini wax – just in case.

5. Find the perfect outfit. This is by far one of the most important parts of getting a guy for Valentines Day. The last thing you want is to be caught wearing a frumpy outfit. So, this may be a perfect excuse to go shopping. You don’t want to go too revealing, but showing a little skin is always a good thing. Plus, it’s Valentines Day, so how about wearing something sensuous and red?

Lastly, getting the hot guy for Valentines Day is easy if you put a little effort into it. While you don’t really want to go over the top, you do want to turn on your sexy, flirtatious charm and let it get to work for you. In the end, you’re a college girl, how hard could this be?

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