Face Shape And Haircuts: Best College Hairstyles For College Girls

Haircuts – the bane of every college girl’s existence. It seems that every time you get a haircut, you want to run out of the hair salon crying and then hide under a rock until your hair grows back. Well, now you don’t have to. There is a secret to getting your hair cut and it all has to do with your face shape. Yes, each face shape has only a few hairstyles and cuts that actually works. Otherwise, you just look really weird.

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Here is how to ask for the best haircut for your face shape…

If you have a pointier chin and your face is sort of shaped like a heart or an upside down pear, you need to stay away from short bobs and short hairstyles. If your face is shaped this way, you want to stick with a longer, layered look that matches your face shape naturally. When it comes down to it, you don’t want to show off your pointy chin – you want it to sort of blend in.

If you have a stronger jaw line and a more rectangular or square face, you’ll need to stay away from hairstyles that make you look too masculine. You can do this by never wearing your hair parted in the middle or too short. You also don’t want to go too straight and symmetrical. When it comes down to it, a curly, layered look will do the trick – either shoulder length or a little longer.

If you have a rounder, more circular shaped face, you want to stick with styles that have less poof. This means that the tousled “I just go out of bed look” is out of the question. When it comes down to it, a straightened, parted down the middle look is a classic way to show off your natural features. Anything too voluminous and you could make your face look too round.

If you have an oval shaped face, congratulations, because everyone is jealous of you. With this face shape you can pretty much get away with any hairstyle – as long as you take good care of it. Also, some hip dying and bleaching can look really great with an oval shaped face, especially if you have a tan. Not only that, but you can probably pull off the super long and beautiful look – just to make people even more jealous.

So, there you have it – four of the most common face shapes and the hairstyles you should explore and the hairstyles that you should never attempt. When it comes down to it, hair grows back, but it takes a really long time. Do you really want to be caught with a bad hairstyle? – Probably not.

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