Five Awesome Gifts For Your Boyfriend This Valentines Day

Guys can be hard to get presents for. It isn’t so much that you don’t know what they’ll like, but it is also the question of being embarrassed when you give it to them. When it comes to presents, college girls are a little easier, because we’ll take just about anything that sparkles or smells really great. Well, I’m here to tell you that buying a present for a guy is much easier than you think. After you read a few of these suggestions, you’ll be thinking: why didn’t I think of that?

Here are five awesome gifts to get your boyfriend this Valentines Day…

1. A stylish wallet. There is a good chance that your man’s wallet is a little worn and tattered. What college student’s wallet isn’t worn and tattered, especially after shelling out all that dough for textbooks? So, you may want to get to get your man a simple leather wallet where he can stash his cash, identification cards and credit cards – not like there is any money on them or anything.

2. A good flannel shirt. Every guy needs a good flannel shirt – it’s the perfect shirt for a real man. Plus, all guys look sexy in flannel. You don’t need to get him anything grungy – you can actually find some really beautiful flannel shirts that are masculine and that connote a kind of stylish ruggedness. The best part is, of course, that you get to wear his flannel after you two get a little naughty. He’ll love seeing you completely naked except for his flannel on.

3. A watch. Sure, he can tell the time by glancing at his phone, but does he ever really do that, especially when you want him to call you? But getting him a watch can also make him look a lot more refined and serious. It’s almost like guys that have watches become more mature because they have a responsibility to always get to places on time, which is great for when you go out on dates.

4. A naughty picture. This is a little bit of a wild card, because you don’t really know where the picture will end up someday, but this is the reason why you want to print it out. He won’t know to scan it and he won’t be clever enough to take a picture with his phone. Plus, you always want to give him a big warning before you give a guy a naked picture.

5. The best blowjob of his entire life. If you are broke or just don’t know what to get him, you can always get him the gift of pleasure. There is nothing like a great blowjob to remember you forever. If you don’t like giving blowjobs, this may be your chance to get the taste for it.

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Lastly, when you are buying gifts for your boyfriend, you want to try not to get too creative. Getting too creative could result in confusing him, which won’t be such a good thing. So, keep it hot, basic and fun and you’ll win some girlfriend points this Valentines Day.

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