How To Keep In Touch With Friends After Graduation

There will come a time in your college life when your best friend graduates and moves on. Yes, college doesn’t last forever – sorry to burst your bubble. However, just because your friend is graduating and moving up in the world, it doesn’t mean that you should head to the market to get the biggest pint of ice cream there is and it doesn’t mean that you should eat said ice cream while looking at pictures of your BFF while crying your eyes out. In fact, there are a number of ways to keep in touch.

Here are five ways to keep in touch with your friends after graduation…

1. Instant messaging, duh. If you have a smart phone or an email account, you can basically be in contact with your BFF all day long, every single day. Yes, it will be just like your BFF is right there with you – going to a party, walking through the quad, or trying to survive a horribly boring class. Just remember, though, that you should keep your ringer off, especially in class.

2. Video messaging. Again, with laptops and smartphones, you could be video messaging all the time. Not only do you get the joy of text chatting, but also you can video chat whenever you have a free moment. If your BFF has gone off to graduate school, there is a good chance that she is super busy, so you have to respect a schedule if your BFF can’t talk all the time.

3. Old fashioned letters. When it comes down to it, old fashioned letters can be a really fun way to keep in touch with a friend. It may take a little while for a particular letter to get to your friend, but it can be really exciting when you open up the envelope and actually see a hand written letter. And to think – in the old days, this was the only way to communicate long distance.

4. Make a plan to meet. Before you go off and do your separate thing – her going off to graduate school and you continuing on with college – you have to make a solid plan to meet during certain times of the year. For instance, you should plan to meet for birthdays and maybe for a summer vacation somewhere. Having a plan will ensure that you will at least meet again sometime soon.

5. Set a schedule. Having a schedule is really important, because you just never know how busy you are going to get. However, if you can reserve an hour or two to talk at night – every other night or so – there is a good chance that you will do a much better job at keeping in touch.

Lastly, keeping in touch with your BFF is easy – provided that you ready to make a commitment. Remember, friends are forever, so you want to put in the energy that is necessary to stay in contact. Just because your BFF is moving on to a new life, it doesn’t mean you have to stop being friends.

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