Five Amazing Things You Didn’t Know About The Vagina

The vagina is a mysterious organ – even to some women. Men, on the other hand, see the vagina as some kind of alien being. However, the vagina is sort of alien. Have you ever looked at your own vagina in the mirror for a long time? It can start to get pretty weird. However, it is important to know that literally every vagina is different – they are like snowflakes or thumbprints. Anyways, there are a lot of things we don’t know about the vagina, but maybe knowing these secrets will help us unlock the mystery of the vagina.

Here are five amazing things you didn’t know about the vagina…

1. There is reason for pubic hair. Not only does pubic hair protect the vagina from bacteria and other germs, but it can also tell a guy that you are ready to do it, or not ready. Basically, our vagina is full of pheromones and most of those pheromones get trapped in the pubic hair. So, you may want to think twice about getting that wax.

2. The vagina entrance is only about 3 inches long, but can expand by almost 200%! Think about that – that is insane. So, if your boyfriend is really big, your vagina will open up like a python’s mouth. It actually makes perfect sense: the vagina is meant to be a birth canal, so of course it would widen for any oncoming traffic.

3. Yes, your vagina can fall out like a pocket. This is called pelvic prolapse and your vagina can simply fall out and just dangle there between your legs. While this is horrifying, it is rare and mostly happens when you are really old. Plus, there is a quick and easy surgery to fix it.

4. Your pubic hair only lives for about three weeks – the hair on your head lives for about seven years. This is the reason why your pubes don’t grow insanely long, because they can’t – it just stops after a certain point. So, you don’t need to really worry about your pubic hair growing so long that it grows out of your skirt.

5.  What does your vagina and a shark have in common? Actually, a lot! Squalene is a chemical found in vaginal lubricant and also in the liver of a shark. So, now you can go around telling people that your vagina has something in common with a shark. Weird, right?

Indeed, the vagina is full of secrets – some secrets that people just had no idea were actually true. In fact, only a small percentage of women know all the secrets of their own vagina, which is a testament to how mysterious they really are. As you live your life, you may learn some of these secrets, but many of them will remain an enigma forever wrapped in a mystery. Ah, the vagina!

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