Exercises That Can Help Your Boob Looks Good

We’ve talked a lot about boobs on College Girls Know How, because who doesn’t love to learn about boobs? Indeed, our mammary glands seem to take on a life of their own sometimes. You know that every guy wants to see them – and probably wants to touch them too – and we know that if we really wanted to, we could probably take over the world with our boobs. Anyways, in the continued quest for the absolutely perfect boobs, how about some totally natural ways to make them look bigger and perkier?

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Here are five exercises that will make your boobs look amazing…

1. Barbell lifts. You know that classic image of weight lifters lifting those big ridiculous weights? Aren’t their pecks enormous? On a smaller scale, you can achieve sort of the same effect, but with your boobs – all with a few repetitions of lifting a barbell. You don’t need anything heavy – just something that you can lift up and down. What will happen is that the muscles behind your boobs will get stronger, which can actually make your boobs look perkier and bigger.

2. Lay on your back and lift some weights. By laying on your back and lifting a few heavy weights, you can work out your entire chest. Not only will this make your chest muscles stronger, but it will also strengthen the back, which can make your stand more upright. Better posture means better looking boobs – duh.

3. Butterfly lifts. Another great exercise also requires you to lay on the floor – some of your sluttier girls out there may be used to that, if you know what I mean. Anyways, with the butterfly lifts, all you need to do – while laying on your back – is to raise and lower your arms in a butterfly wing formation. Doing a few repetitions of this exercise will make your books like incredible, especially if you stick with a daily or bi-daily routine.

4. Push ups. The simple push up is basically one of the best boob exercises there is. All you have to do is lift your whole body up and try not to bend your knees. What you want to do is lift your entire body weight, because essentially you will be using yourself as a barbell. After a while, you will notice that the shape of your boobs is more symmetrical and your arms are toned too.

5. The pec push up. This is basically like a push up, but instead of lifting your body, you are going to lift your arms while holding two heavy weights. Basically, this exercise is intended to exercise your pectoral muscles, which are just behind the breasts. This exercise will pick your boobs up and make them perkier than ever.

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Lastly, when doing these exercises, it is important to do multiple repetitions, which will allow the muscles to really get the work out they need. When it comes to getting perkier and more amazing boobs, doing these exercises may just do the trick. Best of all, it is totally natural!

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