A Car Sex Story: Having Sex In A Car Was Fun At First

Having sex in a car was fun at first, but then the worst thing in the world happened…

Everybody has seen it in the movies – the inevitable car hookup scene. The car has been a steamy place for romance for, well, as long as the car has been around. If the van’s a’ rockin’ don’t come a knockin’ – as the saying goings. Anyways, my boyfriend and I decided that it would be fun to try out some car sex. It wasn’t like we planned it for weeks or anything – it just sort of happened. Having sex in a car was fun at first, but then the worst thing in the world happened.

Everything was going great. We went to dinner, saw a movie – it was a date that could have been scripted in a cheesy 80s movie. So, we decided to go to this really beautiful mountain top look out point – just to amp up the cheese factor. We thought that there would be a bunch of people there, but there actually wasn’t. It was pretty gross and filled with trash. But we thought: why the hell not, the view is beautiful. So, we waited for the sun to go down.

The sunset was really pretty and when the sun was completely gone, the whole city lit up. You could actually see the school from the car. It was crazy – with all the lights – the city looked like a whole bunch of really pretty diamonds. It was totally gorgeous. So, my man and I were making out and hooking up. It was getting really steamy. In fact, the windows started to really fog up. If anyone saw that car, they would have definitely known what was going on.

After a while, we decided to get into the backseat where there was way more room. Luckily he had tinted windows, so it felt really comfortable to get naked. I couldn’t believe that I was in the back of a guy’s car wearing nothing but my underwear. Pretty soon, though, I wasn’t wearing anything at all. I was completely naked and the heat was really getting turned up. He was touching me all over the place and I was touching him. It was definitely time to get a little naughtier – all in the backseat of a car!

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So, we start doing the deed – it was some of the hottest sex I’ve ever had. I was on top of him, riding him and it was incredible. Maybe it was the idea that we were in the backseat of the car. Maybe it was the danger factor, but it was super spicy. He was definitely liking it too. The best part is that is just got hotter and hotter, but that’s when it happened. At first we heard a sound and then the car started rolling and it didn’t stop. We had to jump out of the back seat – completely naked – and we watched the car fall twenty feet into a ravine.

In the end, we waited outside naked in the freezing cold for a tow truck to come – it took an hour. The tow truck driver was quite surprised to see us standing out there – naked. Anyways, he pulled the car out, we got our clothes on and the car was almost totaled. Just a word to the wise: car sex is really hot and it can really steam up your sex life, but make sure to put the emergency break on before you hop into the backseat.

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