Five Things A College Girl Need To Get Noticed At A Dorm Party

One of the greatest survival tips for a college girl is to be the life of the dorm party. If you don’t stand out at the dorm party, there is a good chance that you won’t stand out at all in college. As a college girl this is especially important, because being the hottest college girl on campus is no doubt important. Who doesn’t like to be the life of the party? And when it comes to standing out, there are a few things that you’ll need to bring that will really stand out.

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Here are five things you need to bring to dorm party to get noticed…

1. The music. Having an amazing playlist is so important. What you should do is sit down and find all the best music on the radio, plus some classic hits and then some awesome 80s dance gems. Then you should pile all the music onto a music player so that you can play it on the way to the party and when you get to the party. Everyone loves the DJ at a fun dorm party.

2. Your dance moves. Everybody loves the girl who can lose herself on the dance floor. At a college dorm party, there is a good chance that there is no dance floor, so you have to get creative, but if you know how to move, there is no doubt you will get noticed. Making the first move when it comes to dancing might even kick off the party, which is also really important.

3. A hot outfit. When it comes down to it, wearing a hot outfit will get you noticed anywhere, but at a dorm party it is necessary. You don’t really have to prom out, but you do want to wear something stylish and fun. Maybe even pick up a new dress. There is a nothing like a little retail therapy to get you out of whatever funk you are in.

4. A good perfume. While you don’t want to smell like a department store, you do want to have a scent that lingers and gets people’s attention. What you want is for people to ask who you are when you walk by them. At a dorm party, this is exactly what you want. Remember, though, don’t drench yourself in perfume, because you will be that girl at the dorm party that everyone wishes would leave.

5. A good attitude. No one wants to be around the bitch at the party, so if you are feeling cranky, you should do something to get out of it. Crankiness is not cute and the guys will be sure to clear away, because they can sense drama from a mile away. It doesn’t matter how pretty you are, don’t be cranky – come to the party with a smile and everyone will want to talk to you.

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Lastly, a dorm party can be an important event in your college years, which is why you need to know how to bring your best self and your A-game. With a pretty smile and a hot outfit, and maybe some dance moves, you can really bring it on at your next dorm party.

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