In Showing Off Your Boobs: Five Articles Of Clothing That Will Show Off Your Boobs

For a college girl, your trusted boobies are really an asset. Not because they get you things that you want or because they have an amazing power over people, but because your boobs can make you look sexy and more feminine. Your boobs are also your ultimate fashion accessories. When it comes to showing off your boobs, you don’t generally want to do so in a shocking manner – more in a modest, but sexy manner.

Here are five articles of clothing that will make your boobs look amazing…

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1. A knit sweater. Little, tight sweaters can do an amazing job of showing off your boobs. And for some reason, guys love it. There is something about the fabric that really shows off your boobs’ natural shape. The best part is that no matter if you have big or small boobs – a good sweater will do a great job of showing them off.

2. A tight white t-shirt. More than anything, a tight white t-shirt can be really sexy and it can really show off your assets. If you really want to mix it up, you can buy some really comfy vintage tees that are super soft and have gone through a million washes for you. Also, white rock tees look sexy too, especially for all the small cupped girls out there.

3. Plunging, but not too plunging. When you are looking for clothing that will show off your boobs, you want something that will show off a little skin, but at the same time won’t show off too much cleavage. Showing off too much cleavage will make you a little slutty, so you want to look for something that shows off just a little chest skin, which is way sexier.

4. A good tank top. When you are looking for tank tops, you want to find something that isn’t too loose and something that isn’t too tight. A tank top that is too tight can look a little strange, especially if you have bigger boobs. If you have smaller boobs, a tighter tank top may look a little better. So, spend time looking for the right size tank top.

5. Something that adds shape. If you are going out on the town, or if you are going to a formal event, you are going to want something that can push up your breasts and give your chest some nice shape. There are many dresses that will give your breasts a nice push, or if you have bigger boobs, you may want something that will show off your boobs, but at the same time look a little more subtle.

Lastly, if you are having gross fantasies of plastic surgery – don’t even think about it – you just need to find the right outfit. If you look hard enough and understand your breast size, you can make your boobs look bigger, better and sexier. As a college girl, your boobs are usually the first thing people see, so why not try and make a good impression?

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