Best College Experiences Every College Girl Should Have

In college, you will have a lot of experiences that are totally unique, weird and out of this world, but you will also have a bunch of experiences that have been had multiple times over. There is a good chance that you have had these experiences – even if you’ve only been in college for a few months. As a college girl, you may think you are different, but there are some habits and customs that you can never escape and that make you just like every other college girl.

Here are five things that every college girl with experience at least once.

1. Spraying perfume on your clothes instead of washing them. Okay, the laundry machine is a million miles away, it is cold outside and you don’t have any quarters – these are three different challenges that make it literally impossible to wash your clothes. So, what do you do? You spray perfume on them – problem solved – duh.

2. Crashing weird dorm parties. Okay, you know that almost every party that you have gone to in the past few months have been thrown by people you don’t know. It is always fun to answer the question, “So, who do you know here?” You always respond with another question or a totally made up name. However, it is at these crashed parties that you always seem to meet the hottest and sexiest guys.

3. Meeting the same person over and over again. This is one of those weird things that will happen all throughout your college career. Every party you go to and every class you have, there will be one girl that keeps introducing herself to you. Does she have amnesia? Is she crazy? Of course, though, you are really nice about it and you re-introduce yourself. Who knows, maybe you do the same thing to someone else.

4. Finding a place to nap all over the campus. As a college girl, the urge to nap can hit you like you’ve just been hit with a poisonous dart. With studying, partying and hooking up, you will feel like taking a nap multiple times throughout the day. The thing is, though, is that your dorm is usually way too far away. You need a nap place, stat. So, you just fall asleep anywhere – in class, on a bench, in the quad, and even in a café.

5. Feel really guilty about the clothes you don’t wear. As a college girl, you may experience the feeling of looking in your closet and realizing that you don’t wear half of your clothes. Then you start to look at your clothes like they are real people with real feelings and you start to feel really bad. The solution to this problem: try on an outfit that you haven’t worn yet.

Lastly, there are many of these occasions that college girls run into – over and over again. It is almost like we are all the same people. Of course, we’re not the same people – we just feel that way. At the end of the day, if you are feeling sick and tired of the same routine – try something new, mix it up, call that boy you met and go on an adventure – sometimes breaking the mold is all about leaving your comfort zone. Who knows, you may learn something new about your self.

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