What To Do With The Extra Hour Of Sunlight At Daylight Savings Time

As a college girl, you don’t get a lot of time to do the things you love doing, which can make life quite difficult. However, now that it is daylight savings time, you should be celebrating, not mourning the fact the sun goes down earlier. On the bright side – no pun intended – the sun actually rises much earlier now, so you have a whole bunch of time to do whatever you want in the morning.

What you do with your time and with your extra hour of sunshine is up to you, but here are some suggestions…

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1. Take a morning walk. Now that the leaves are turning all sorts of wild colors, the morning is the best time to take a walk to see them all. If you live on a beautiful campus, this can be even more fun. A walk is good for your health and it is a great source of physical fitness. Not only that, but you will also look really sexy doing it, especially if you throw on some hot jogging shorts.

2. Try a new look. With an extra hour of sunlight before class, you can try on all sorts of new, hot looks. Perhaps you have a sexy new sweater, or a new sexy jacket that you can try on. Maybe you want to do something different with your hair or makeup. With daylight savings time, you can practice a lot of new, hot looks.

3. Give yourself some morning loving. With an extra hour of sunlight, you can give yourself a little extra something. If you have a private shower and your roommate isn’t around, you can always pull out your trusty vibrator and give yourself a little stimulation. In fact, a morning orgasm can have a lot of amazing benefits. Not only that, but it will give you energy.

4. Read an extra chapter or study for a class. With an extra hour of morning sunshine, it is the perfect time to study or catch up in a class. Even if you read an extra chapter, or do an assignment in advance, there is nothing like being able to skip something in your class, because you already did it. Plus, you may impress your sexy teacher.

5. Cuddle with your lover. If you have a special someone, that extra hour of sunlight is the perfect time to make love to your significant other. Who knows, maybe you can experiment with some positions that you haven’t experimented with before. Haven’t tried the 69 position? – Maybe that golden light will make it a little sexier.

So, there you have it – all the wonderful, fun, sexy things you can do with that extra hour in the morning. The only thing is, though, is that you have to actually wake up to take advantage of that hour of sunlight. If you don’t have an alarm, perhaps the actual sun will get you up.

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