Why Fat Girls Are Hot: Advantage Of Dating A Sexy Fat Lady

What’s this whole thing about being plus sized? – Being a little festively plump can be great! In fact, in the old days, being a little on the hefty side was considered attractive. Even these days, women with a little more curves are being noticed. Leave those skinny bones for the 90s, because this century, it is all about hips, curves and big breasts. There are a number of reasons why being a few pounds above looking like a starving horse is attractive, but mainly because curvaceous chicks look healthy and like you can have sex with them without breaking something.

Here is why fat girls are hot.. 

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1. You look better in clothing. You may think this isn’t true, but if you are curvaceous and know how to dress, you can really start to get noticed. As a plus sized lady, you can wear a top that shows off your enormous boobs and a bottom that, well, shows off your bottom. Skinny girls can’t come close to showing off clothing like the bigger girls.

2. There is more to hold on to. I’ve heard from a lot of guys that when they are having sex with a skinny girl, they are always afraid of breaking something. With a bigger girl, however, there is a lot to hold on to and it can make sex so much more enjoyable. You have a big butt to hold on to and plenty of titty too.

3. Big girls are more confident. This is another one that you may not believe is true, but it is. Just imagine it – a plus sized gal has been made fun of for her weight and made to feel like she isn’t good enough. What happens overtime is that it doesn’t matter. Skinny girls on the other hand, are always told they are pretty, but underneath all of that is insecurity. With big girls, you have strength inside and out.

4. Going out to eat is fun. Big girls aren’t afraid of a little grease and they aren’t afraid of adding a little extra on their plates. For guys, this is fun, because they love going out to eat. When a guy goes out with a skinny girl, they feel bad because they feel like they have to curtail their own appetite. With a big girl, a guy can eat to his heart’s content.

5. Big girls are more fun. Yes, going out with big girls can be a lot more, because they won’t complain as much. This can make date night a hundred times more interesting, because she won’t have the same expectations as the skinny girl. So, a guy can get creative and do what he wants to do.

Why is this article important? If you think about it, there is only a small pool of datable people – according to society’s rather cruel standards. But what happens when you open that up? Would people be better off? By bringing a few sexy, plus sized ladies into the mix, maybe people would have more fun and the world will be a better, sexier place.

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