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5 Reasons Why Men Are Intimidated By Women

Some men are dreadfully intimidated by women. Why are they so intimidated? – Well, there are a lot of reasons, but it is also important to note that men have been intimidated by women for centuries – maybe even all the way back to the caveman days. This probably explains why so many men crave power, because they are afraid that if they relinquish it to women that they will take over the world, which we probably will. But that is enough feminism for this article, or is it?

Here are five things men find intimidating about women…

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1. Our feminine wiles. At least that’s what they blame their fear on. However, what they are really afraid of is how powerful our femininity can be. Without doing anything at all, it seems that women have some sort of magical spell over men. It can incite jealousy, rage, and competition. These feelings can make men lose their power a little bit and that is what they are afraid of most.

2. Our strength. Women are strong – maybe not in our upper bodies, but in our spirit. Men are afraid of this, because many of the feelings that women go through in life would crush a man. Men can’t really deal with much pressure and when they see a woman who is able to handle things, well, like a man should – they just can’t take it. It is not a battle of who is stronger, but let’s face it – in a willpower and perseverance competition, a woman would always come out on top.

3. Our intellect. Women are smart – very smart, but they don’t use it to manipulate men – some do – they use it to be better people and to give back to the world. Women use their intellect for diplomacy and peace. Women use their smarts to deal with problems and talk them through. When men talk about how women always want to talk, what they are really saying is that they are afraid of feeling inadequate in the intellect department, so men just close up.

4. Our vulnerability. Women aren’t afraid to show their vulnerability. Showing vulnerability is a critical part of being a human. It allows you to open up and share feelings. Sometimes you have to feel a little broken and show those wounds in order to heal. Men find this thought unbelievably terrifying and the way that women have the power to show this side of themselves is equally terrifying and intimidating.

5. Our ability to turn men on. It seems that when men are turned on, or are attracted to a woman, that they immediately become intimidated and threatened. Again, this goes back to that feeling of not being in complete control. Guys like to have their hands on the gear shift at all times, but the moment you put your hand over his, he starts to freeze up. It is almost like he has met his match, but would never admit it.

There are a lot of ways that men are intimidated by women, but most have to do with the feeling of losing control. As a college girl in a crazy world, you don’t really have time to deal with this kind of drama. The best way to deal with a guy that is intimidated by you is to call him out on it. Once his power is completely gone, he’ll be forced to let his guard down.

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